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Russian manufacturer of cardboard packaging is looking for partners under a services agreement and distribution services agreement

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The Russian company manufactures cardboard packaging for different products (Christmas packaging, high-class and representative products, food packaging, packaging for medical devices and cosmetics, children's products packaging, consumer goods packaging, auto parts packaging) is looking for partners, distributors, dealers from foreign countries in the framework of services agreement and distribution services agreement.

Offer description

The Russian company from Izhevsk was founded in 1994. During 20 years, the company has established strong partnership with leading manufacturers of food and wine and liquors production in Russia and the CIS, and a foundation for future promising cooperation has been built. The company provides complete cycle of operations - from the solution development to its industrial implementation in accordance with the strategy objectives of promoting products: development of unique cut and shape; creation of exclusive design; full prepress; digital and offset printing of any format and color; any post print finishing (coating, cutting, notching, creasing, foil embossing, hot stamping, punching etc.). The company is looking for dealers, sales representatives and partners who are ready to market its products. Main areas of packaging: Christmas packaging for sweet gifts and toys, high-class and representative products for businesses and its partners, liqueurs and spirits packaging, food packaging, packaging for medical devices and cosmetics, children's products packaging, consumer goods packaging, auto parts packaging etc. To increase sales volume of products, developed dealer network, retail network, wholesale network, it is planned to conclude distribution services agreement. Under distribution services agreement the company is planned to create a trade commishioners network, who will sell the products at the international market. Within the frames of services agreement the company is planned to provide services in structural design, design, typography. The cooperation is expected to be performed by concluding the long-term cooperation with the partner. The company is going to delivery products by railway transport, DHL, own transport. The aim is a long-term cooperation with industrial companies that use packaging or trade channels for large score of supply.

Innovations and advantages

- The company offers a package made of cellulose, waste paper, designer cardboard, micro-corrugated board of different profiles. - The company has equipment fleet and finishing (entire, selective, holographic ultraviolet coating, lamination, glitter application, figured cutting, hot stamping, foil embossing etc.), which allows developing products according to individual customer orders. - Flexible pricing policy from economy to premium takes into account the capabilities of each client. - Modern equipment stock: 5 offset presses (print size to 1300x900 mm), modern repro house, silk screen semi-automated printing machine, automatic presses for cutting and stamping, 2 mounting machines, corrugator for production of corrugated boards (B and E profiles), industrial roll laminator. - In 2012 the company has implemented the quality management system ISO 9001-2008 (ISO 9001:2008). The company has EurAsEC сertificate of organization, The Customs Union declaration of conformity.

Technology keywords

02005002 Laminate
02005003 Packaging for machines
02005004 Packaging for materials

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09004006 Packing products and systems

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Type of partner sought

Type of the required partner: SMEs. Activity: industry/trade, food, pharmaceutical, perfume and cosmetics, etc., which requires use of packaging materials. The partner’s role under distribution service agreement - purchase of the company’s products for own usage and for further retail or wholesale reselling. Within the frames of services agreement: the сompany will be rendering its services for potential clients.

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