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Russian manufacturer of brake pads for cars seeks agents or distributors

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The Russian company from Yaroslavl specializes in the production of disc brake pads for Russian, European, American, Japanese and Korean cars of all types. The company seeks partners to promote its products in the EU and other countries under distribution services or commercial agency agreements.

Offer description

The Russian company from Yaroslavl specializes in the production of disc brake pads for cars, and is interested in expanding sales network by attracting partners from abroad. The company was founded in 1991. In the first three years the company mastered the production of 15 types of disc brake pads for cars. For comparison, before the company was established only 4 types of disc brake pads were produced in the country. Now the company has large production areas (over 500 square meter), own manufacture of frames, allowing production of a wide range of disc brake pads. Companies from Italy and Germany are partners for the supply of quality raw materials. The company has equipment from Italy and Germany. For 25 years the company has modernized production six times to be competitive now. Starting with the production of brake pads for Japanese car brands, the company has to date expanded its range to 500 positions. Production facility – the only one in Russia that produces such a variety of cutting/notching equipment. The company manufactures disc brake pads for passenger cars, trucks and buses. All products have certificates of conformity. The company has certificate No. 062638 TS 09 according to the international standard for automotive industry ISO TS 16949. Disc brake pads are meet following criteria (in accordance with the certificate): durability, shear strength of the friction layer, compressibility, environmental friendliness (no asbestos and heavy metals), the thermal conductivity, no noise. Disc brake pads have a different diameter and size, suitable for different models and brands of vehicles manufacturing of Russia, Europe, America, Japan, Korea. The company is interested in finding partners (auto shops, car services, car manufacturers) in other countries as consumers and distributors of its products in the framework of the distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement. The expected outcome from the distribution services agreement is finding customers. The company is ready to provide all required materials and information, giving a partner an opportunity to resell the brake pads to its clients. As a result of cooperation under commercial agency agreement the company expects to develop a network of agents who will present the company’s products in international markets.

Innovations and advantages

- ability to work with individual orders (the execution of the order within 0-2 weeks depending on volume), - high technological and production potential, a complete closed cycle of production (working out and testing of recipes of friction materials and technologies of their manufacturing, working out of the constructing of disk brake pads, manufacturing of disk brake pads in conformity with the technological cycle, testing and certification of the production for the conformity to the foreign and Russian standards), - quality management complies with ISO 9001, - a variety of cutting/notching equipment, - around 500 items in the range, - production of 4 400 000 items per year, the ability to quickly complete the order, - modern equipment from Russia, Germany, Italy and Canada, - item-specific packaging for kits, - own R&D unit able to develop genuine friction formulas (make the products unique, with a high durability and environmental safety), equipped with modern testing facilities, - in 2014 the company was awarded a regional quality award, - own asbestos-free mixture is developed and implemented (is patented), allowing to improve the wear resistance and environmental safety of manufactured products (greatly improves environmental safety).

Technology keywords

02002 Industrial Manufacture

Market application codes

09001005 Motor vehicles, transportation equipment and parts
09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)

Comments, number and date of patent

patent obtained in 1995, the Russian Federation

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Type of partner sought

Type of partner: SMEs and large companies. Field of activity: car production, companies that sell auto parts, Role of partner: - under the distribution services agreement - search for companies interested in purchasing of the brake pads for cars to resell them to customers from other countries; - under the commercial agency agreement - to represent the interests of the company in the national market of a partner, to act on behalf of the company to promote sales.



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