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Russian manufacture of stairs and doors made from solid wood is looking for distributors

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Russian company from Novosibirsk region is specialized in manufacturing of standard and customized stairs and doors made from solid wood (beech, ash, oak and others). The company is looking for partners within distribution services agreement.

Offer description

Russian company from Novosibirsk region established in 1997 is specialized in full-cycle joinery. Since that time the company offers its services to companies from Russian regions and abroad. The company produces the economy and premium stairs, made from different sorts of wood, such as: pine, birch, larch, beech, ash, oak. All the elements are cut from the wood panel sort A or AB (beech). The company is manufacturing typical and customized stairs made from solid wood, complete set of stairs which could be colored. The products are characterized with environmental friendliness, good air exchange, durability, etc. The company has all necessary specialists to implement customized stairs design projects. The manufacturing facilities include four-sided machines, computerized numerical control (CNC) machines, milling machine, paint-spraying booth. It is possible to apply any paint or other coatings on the stairs. Тhe exterior stairs could be produced on customer's individual drawings. The company is looking for partners from the construction sphere and furniture traders, in order to conclude distribution services agreement for selling company’s products. The expected result from the cooperation is the increasing of company’s turnover. The terms of the delivery, transportation and other conditions will be discussed after the first contact with a potential partner.

Innovations and advantages

- The company has in-house design-engineering department that guarantees that the most complex tasks will be implemented. The company also uses modern equipment with computer numerical control (CNC) which enables the high precision in implementing customized solutions even of high complexity. - The main advantage of company’s products is the mounting service: all the elements are fixed with dovetail (truss clip merely plays the supporting role). It gives durability and increases service life for the stairs. - Because of small expenses during manufacturing process and favourable currency exchange rate, the company can offer lower prices than competitors on the global market, even though the raw materials are solid wood of precious sorts (the choice of wood depends on the client’s request). - The company has more than 20 years of experience in the field. The fine-tuned production cycle allows to produce high-quality products. Now the company produces more than 220 stairs per year, and has partners in 8 Russian cities.

Current stage of development

Company’s products are widelypresented on the Russian market.

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07002005 Wood Products

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09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)

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Area of partner's activity

Type of partner: small or medium-size enterprise. Field of activity: construction, furniture trade. Partner's role: to obtain the company's production for further distribution on the foreign markets.



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