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Russian manufacture of paint materials seeks agents and distributors

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A Russian company produces paint materials including colour pastes, compositions for timber protection and decoration, and water based materials such as paints, prime coating, and putties. The company is looking for partners in other countries under a commercial agency or distribution services agreement.

Offer description

The commercial company from Izhevsk produces paint materials. The production was launched in 1998. Main products of the company: colour materials (pastes), compositions for timber protection and decoration, waterborne materials (paints, prime coating, and putties). Nowadays the company produces all the types of masterbanches and tinting systems practically for any application. The many years’ experience in production of colour pastes and service packages of colouring of various materials enabled the company to gain the expert status of colour creation both in the market of paint materials and in other areas. The company’s specialists provide full service support of customers - facilitate to select materials for colouring and their adaptation at production sites. The range of the produced products includes the systems for all surface types - timber, concrete, metal and others. All the products are produced of raw materials of the leading world companies at the best equipment under the supervision of the highly skilled professionals. All the produced materials have the mandatory certificates of conformity, product quality certificates, safety and health certificates. The company works using the quality management system according to ISO 9001 ensuring prompt product receipt and services of sustained quality in full to the customers. The Russian SME is looking for the partners from the construction sector to increase sales of products under the distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement. Under the distribution services agreement the company expects to sale its products to the partner for further market distribution. Under the commercial agency agreement the company expects to create a network of agents who will present the company’s products in the international markets. The expected result - expansion of retail/ wholesale network, distribution network.

Innovations and advantages

- International certificate of quality management system conforms to ISO 9001:2008. - Provision of equipment and advertisement for retail locations; - Mailing of test samples. - The company website is bilingual (Russian and English). - Distribution network in Russia and neighbouring countries. - International patent on trademark. - The production facilities are equipped with European equipment. - Own production of package on Japanese equipment.

Technology keywords

02007004 Colours and varnish

Market application codes

08001023 Other chemicals and materials (not elsewhere classified)

Intellectual property rights

Trade Marks

Comments, number and date of patent

he company received rights for trade mark in 2010

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Type of partner sought

Type of desirable partner: SMEs. Field of activity: companies performing finishing works; trade companies-agents. The partner’s role under the distribution services agreement - construction companies, purchase of the company’s products for own usage and for further retail or wholesale reselling. The partner’s role under the commercial agency agreement - present of the company’s products in the regional and international markets.

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