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Russian manufacture of oil-field equipment seeks agents and distributors

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A Russian company which produces shutoff and control valves for oil-field equipment is looking for partners in EU countries under a commercial agency or distribution services agreement.

Offer description

The Russian company from Izhevsk, produces oil-field equipment since 2009. The main activity of the company is the production of shutoff and control reinforcement particularly disk valves and chock disk valves for high pressure 14 - 35 MPa, with the inside diameter of 50, 65, 80, 100 mm. The connecting dimensions of the valves disk valves and chock disk valves comply with RD 26-16-40-89 or to GOST 28919-91. The company produces throttles adjustable steplessly, seals of an oil-well pump, high-pressure plunger pumps, plug valves, sets of counterflanges, fittings, wellhead equipment. At the production facilities there are up-to-date high precision machines with CNC (Computerized and Numerically Controlled). The production facilities of the company are rated at production of more than 1,000 full-opening and choke valves per month. Every year the company participates in Saint Petersburg international energy forum. Gate valves made of corrosion-resistant design. The matter of closure member is steel 40*30. Limited temperature range is from +45°С to -60°С. The main consumers are petroleum and gas refinery and different chemical production. The Russian SME is looking for the partners from the oil and valves sector to increase sales of products within the distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement. Under the distribution services agreement the company expects to sale its products to the partner for further market distribution. Under the commercial agency agreement the company expects to create a network of agents who will represent the company’s products to the international markets. The expected result - expansion of retail/ wholesale network.

Innovations and advantages

The advantages of disk gate valves and chock disk valves against the valves of other types: - using of rolled iron for production of body parts ensures higher quality as compared to casting and forming; - no weldments; - no free space in internal gate cavity prevents water and dust from accumulation; the valve drive unit is securely protected against penetrating of working environment; - the product ensures safe operation within the whole temperature range and requires no warming-up; - small dimensions. The advantages of the throttle adjustable steplessly against the existing throttles and chock disk valves: - the construction is a block valve enabling to mount into the tube pipe instead of any shutoff element. The connecting dimensions comply with RD 26-16-40 or GOST 28919 (similarly chock disk valves, disk gate valves). - Operation mode is smoothly changed enabling close channel closing. - The nominal diameter of choke restriction is 1.7 mm - 18 mm. - The shutoff and control element is a hard-alloy ball; rolling in the flow of the controlled fluid it is not exposed to flushing. - The actuating force of the throttle does not exceed the actuating force of household water tap. - The inside diameter of throttling is marked on the spindle scale.

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02006002 Construction methods and equipment

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06001004 Equipment and instrumentation

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Type of partner sought

Type of desirable partner: SMEs. Activity: companies working in oil industry, well drilling and operation. The partner’s role under the distribution services agreement - purchase of the company’s products for further retail or wholesale reselling. The partner’s role under the commercial agency agreement - represent of the company’s products in the regional and international markets.

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