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Russian manufacture of equipment for ultrasonic nondestructive testing is looking for distributors and partners for manufacturing agreement or distribution.

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The Russian production company of Sverdlovsk region specializes in the production of ultrasonic non-destructive testing equipment. The company offers calibration blocks to adjust the flaw and converters. The company is looking for partners abroad and ready to conclude manufacturing agreement or distribution services agreement.

Offer description

The Russian company from Sverdlovsk region since 2002 has been specializing in design and production of a wide range of high-tech and high performance ultrasonic transducers for general-purpose flaw detectors and thickness gauges. At present, the company staff is of 11 people. The company's employees have extensive experience in scientific, technical and economic and marketing activities in the implementation of high-tech projects. Company Director is Ph.D., has extensive experience in the field of ultrasonic non-destructive testing. The company has a lot of successful projects, including innovation. The company has five existing Certificates of Rosstandart on the statement like measuring instruments and ISO 9001-2015. Main directions of activity: development and production of equipment for ultrasonic nondestructive testing, accessories for ultrasonic nondestructive testing. Each transducer is made to a high standard in accordance with acoustic, electrical and mechanical parameters. Transmitters are tested at each stage of production. Converters are available with different connectors, body configurations and sizes of the piezoelectric elements. Calibration blocks are used for calibration of ultrasonic thickness gauges and ultrasonic flaw detectors. They have many shapes and sizes. Types of calibration blocks depend on the industry for the application and the shape of the objects of control. The company can produce blocks for any calibration standards of different materials sized reflectors up to 0.05 mm. Calibration blocks are manufactured according to normative documents or drawings of the customer within 2 months. Piezoelectric transducers are in stock. For series orders production time for transducers is up to 1 month. Development of non-standard transducers on the customer's requirements (from 30 pieces series) is possible. Terms of development is 2 months; then they are tested by a customer. Production of series products is up to 1 month. Calibration blocks and converters are used for non-destructive testing in order to detect defects in metal body and plastic welds in the following industries: thermal energy; nuclear power; oil and gas industry; oil drilling equipment; load capacity mechanisms; technological pipelines; pipelines made of polyethylene; vessels and apparatuses working under pressure; construction (fencing control valves and others.); metallurgy (foundries, pipe mills, and others.); objects of railway transport (axles, wheels, etc.); aviation; ship-, machine tools, and engineering automobiles; chemical industry (tanks control). The Russian company is looking for partners from the industrial sector (listed above) to conclude manufacturing agreement or distribution services agreements. For manufacturing agreement the company is looking for partners who are interested in the products of the Russian company. The expected result for the Russian company is the expansion of its own production, access to foreign markets and profit. For international partners it is to provide further income. Within the framework of distribution agreements a partner may be any enterprise with a customer base for the products offered for sale to its customers. The expected result for the Russian company is entering the international market and make profit, for an international partner is a commercial fee for the sale of products.

Innovations and advantages

Calibration samples are with an accuracy of reflectors 0.05 mm . For vertical, "working" wall corner reflector used micro milling. Increased service life achieved by the application of anti-corrosion coating. Production of inclined transducers combined with wear resistant tread is realized through the use of alumina ceramics with additives. These additives provide the required acoustic characteristics. For this purpose, research and established manufacturing transducers were conducted. Parameters transducers (especially, sensitivity) is not only affected, but even improved compared to conventional converters. The same pottery was used in the manufacture of transducers used in the control of railways (for direct and oblique transducers for combined transducers). Applied technologies allow for control of the weld object thickness from 2 mm. Similar converters from other manufacturers allow control facilities with a thickness from 4mm. At production of chordate converters it is used 3D-design, which provides the focus of the ultrasonic beam and reducing the number of false signals. The design increases the service life. In converters "memory chips" are used to reduction of time of control of an electro-acoustic path. Information from converters is included in all electronic reports on control. The chip is used with some types of defectoscopes where there is the corresponding reader. These technologies will help to achieve the following objectives: wearproof materials raise service life of converters at 15-20 times that leads to decrease in expenses of the diagnosing departments and the companies; Use of chordate converters increases productivity, reduces zones of cleaning of a welded seam, increases probability of determination of defects. Use of the separate combined converters will allow to reveal defects in welded seams of thin-walled products from materials with big attenuation (for example, from the titan).

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09001002 Analyses / Test Facilities and Methods

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03007002 Other measuring devices

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Type of partner sought

Type of partner: SMEs. Field of activity: thermal energy; nuclear power; oil and gas industry; oil drilling equipment; technological pipelines; construction; metallurgy; railway transport; aviation; ship-, machine tools, and engineering automobiles; chemical industry. Partner's role: for a manufacturing agreement: application of the technology at the production of a partner; for a distribution services agreement: to obtain the company's production for further distribution.

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