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Russian machine-building company seeks distributors and agents

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A Russian company from Lipetsk region, active in the sphere of metal processing machinery including cylindrical grinding and grinding machines, internal grinding machines and magnetic equipment is looking for partners to cooperate under commercial agency or distribution services agreements.

Offer description

The medium-sized Russian company from Lipetsk region develops surface grinding machine, cylindrical grinding machine, internal grinding machines and magnetic equipment. The machines of the company are designed for workpieces grinding and are applicable in every company where repair shop functions. The company has been working more than 10 years and has the experience of cooperation with many states including Germany, Singapore, Belarus and Serbia. The company has its own design department which ensures machinery compliance with modern standards and easy maintenance. The company develops machines for a certain order based on the clients’ needs and requests and developed machines for diamond cutting, machines for food and textile industry. The lead time depends on the order complexity and on the amount of additional equipment needed, (2 month, on the average). The machines' software interface language is English. The company offers 12 month guarantee and can implement installation and start-up of equipment. The company is looking for partners from trade or metal processing machinery industry to conclude commercial agency agreement, under which the partner will get agent's commission fee for the search of consumers and machines' sell, or distribution services agreement, under which the partner will buy the company's machines, sell it trough its own trade network and implement maintenance services. The company is ready to provide the partner with all necessary assistance.

Innovations and advantages

The machinery advantages: - resistance to vibration; - component processing accuracy (up to C class); - all types of machinery are equipped with LCD monitors; - different modifications in accordance with the clients' requests. Surface grinding machines allows grinding of workpieces with the length up to 3000 mm. Cylindrical grinding machines construction ensures rapid adjusting travel of wheel head along a screw, grinding with active control unit, fine oil and coolant cleaning, eliable blocking that excludes turning on of the drives of grinding wheel spindle rotation and table movement without lubricating. Internal grinding machines are equipped with face-grinding unit that allows simultaneous grinding of face surface and hole. The company has the experience of creation of machinery for specific industries. For instance, the company has developed a computer numerical control machine for creep-feed grinding of titanium turbine blade with accuracy better than micron for aircraft industry. The company's marketing department conducts constatnt monitoring of innovations and according to its data this machine has no analogues in Russia and CIS states due to high power and rigidity (power of main motor - 30 kW, straightness deviation - 10 mcm, parallelism deviation - 10 mcm, surface roughness Ra, mcm, no more than 0,63).

Technology keywords

02002009 Machine Tools

Market application codes

08002006 Numeric and computerised control of machine tools
08003001 Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)
08003005 Other industrial machinery for textile, paper & other industries
08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery

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Area of partner's activity

Type: SME or large company. Sphere: trade, industry. Activity: trade of the company's machinery. Role: under commercial agency agreement the partner will get agent's commission fee for the search of consumers and machines' sell; under distribution services agreement the partner is supposed to buy the company's machines, sell it trough its own trade network and implement maintenance services.



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