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Russian IT developer of mobile guide for museums seeks agents

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A Russian SME from Perm city develops a mobile guide for museums and visitors is looking for partners to collaborate under a commercial agency agreement.

Offer description

The Russian SME from Perm city was established in 2011 with the aim to work out a platform for museums for providing comprehensive multimedia services for visitors. The platform can be used to create tourist guides encompassing hundreds of cities and thousands of museums or standalone application for specific museums. In either case mobile application provides visitors with clear and attractive information about exhibits and places of interest in visitor’s native language. In order to provide visitors with seamless experience inside museums state-of-the-art algorithms of computer vision, GPS coordinates and indoor navigation beacons can be used for exhibit recognition. The platform is based on the cutting edge cloud computing technologies. This allows launching a mobile solution for museum (adding a museum to the tourist mobile app of the company) in mere hours and fully removes responsibility for solution maintenance from museums. Museums can edit content displayed about offered exhibits at any time via unique “exhibit content management system”. Once content about exhibits was entered into the system it can be presented on a number of different devices including mobile phones and tablets, interactive kiosks and desktop computers. Furthermore the same content can be displayed in standalone mobile applications customized to the needs of a specific museum. To help museums create great content the company provides a full range of services in creating, editing, translating in all languages and postscoring of content. The platform also has a successful experience in creation of modern audio guides for museums. Clients of museums can dawnload the mobile app for free, which is available on the app store. The company succesfully works on the Russian market with historical, ethnographic, art museums and etc. The company is looking for museums, which is interested to be the leading organization in implementing innovative technologies in the exposition, to sell, integrate and support the mobile guide under commercial agency agreement. The company is ready to discussed individual requirements to generated software of a potencial partner and to develop the app based on client's requirements.

Innovations and advantages

The platform is based upon a number of innovative techniques: - Generation of multimedia description of an exhibit that is visually consistent over different devices (mobile phones and tablets, web-applications, interactive kiosks). - On-the-fly content adaptation based on specific visitor needs. - Cloud-based services for high levels of availability and reliability. Mobile applications developed with the help of the platform have a number of competitive advantages: - Exhibit recognition based on QR-codes, markers, GPS-coordinates, indoor navigation beacons. - Support of the guide mode for seamless museum experience. - Application of elements of augmented reality. - Indoor and outdoor navigation. Combination of these techniques helps to create solutions which allow museums: - attract new visitors through a well-formed content representation with the help of mobile app. - increase quality of visitor services through application of interactive kiosks, modern audio guides and mobile guides delivering multimedia content. - establish a two-way information flow with their visitors through mobile applications and social networks to ensure maximum level of revisits. - increase its revenue by selling wide range of new themed and gamified audiotours. Experience of the company: 5 years working with historical, ethnographic, art museums; 10 standalone museum applications created; 400 world museums integrated into this museum service; 2000 exhibitions are being added daily.

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Type of partner: SME. Field of activity: museums, exposition. Role of partner: buy and use the mobile guide under commercial services agreement.

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