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Russian developer of antifriction anti-wear technology to restore the surfaces of parts and components is looking for partners to conclude manufacturing agreement, services agreement and joint venture agreement.

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The Russian company from Sverdlovsk region offers restoration of worn surfaces of the parts for variouse machines and assemblies with anti-wear composition is looking for partners abroad to establish business cooperation in the framework of manufacturing agreement, services agreement, and joint venture agreement.

Offer description

The Russian company from Sverdlovsk region since 1956 has been specializing in scientific and technical research, development, design, and manufacturing of equipment, means, and systems of automation. In 2004 the company reincorporated to a new legal entity. The company offers antifriction anti-wear technology. The modern technology of processing units and mechanisms of repair and restoration compositions of creation of intellectual surface isomorph is one of the methods of restoration of geometry and increase of the wear resistance of machine parts. The technology was developed for military industrial sector of the Russian Federation and is offered in the framework of conversion In technology is used the principle of creating on a crystal lattice of metals, subject to wear during friction, of a more durable and at the same time the plastic education - isomorph with the specified characteristics. It allows in a regular operating mode of the equipment (without stopping and dismantling) to restore geometry of surfaces of worn-out units to the nominal sizes, to increase repeatedly the term of its operation, to eliminate the defects at factory productions, considerably to reduce consumption of energy resources due to decrease in friction. The formed layer of an isomorph has expansion coefficient, identical with metal. Isomorph is not a coating, and a transformed surface layer of the metal itself. After processing the frictional coefficient reduces to 0.003 – 0.005 and Rockwell hardness increases to 75. Application and experience of using: 1. Machine tools, machining centers, forging and pressing equipment. Processed more than 2,000 pieces of equipment, restored worn a parts to its original condition, is 2-3 times increased overhaul life. 2. A piston compressors, a rotary compressors, a screw compressors, a piston compressors, etc., a pumps and a fans. Processed more than 1,000 units, by 2-3 times is increased overhaul life, by 20-30% reduced energy consumption. 3. Hoisting-and-transport equipment. Processed more than 1,000 pieces of equipment, by 2-3 times to increase the resources by 5-10% is reduced energy consumption. 4. Transport road, rail. Processed more than 2,000 pieces of equipment. Fully restored compression in the cylinders with the power increase by 20-25%, reducing fuel consumption by 15-20%. The company entered the international market of electrical and electronic products. The company's products are supplied in more than 30 countries around the world (including the UK, Germany, France, Sweden and others). The company incorporates many famous scientists, doctors of science and works with the largest universities of the country. The company has many awards and certificates for the production, including, the international ones. The expected result in the framework of the manufacturing agreement is cooperation with machine-building plants. Application of the offered technology will improve the quality of produced equipment; increase the wear life; improve the quality of surfaces; substitute the expensive technologies, like hardening, azotization etc.; substitute of non-ferrous metals to processed items from ferrous materials. The expected result in the framework of the services agreement is provision of processing services of items and parts of a partner with antifriction anti-wear technology to increase the time between overhauls, improve reliability and reduce energy and fuel consumption; provision of scientific and technical research, and development services concerning restoration of worn surfaces of the parts and assemblies. The expected result in the framework of the joint venture agreement will be organization of a new legal entity that will specialize in provision of processing services 0f items and parts with antifriction anti-wear technology f0r different sectors of industry (transport, housing and public utilities, machine-building) in the country of a partner.

Innovations and advantages

The offered technology opened a mechanism of management of the dislocation density gradient rubbing surfaces of friction and as a result - management of barrier effect of a near-surface gradient of density of dislocations. Using of the product allows to: • Increase the service life of equipment, transport at the expense of processing nodes subjected to friction; • Conduct recovery equipment during operation without interruption in the work; • Increase in the 2 - 3 times between overhauls; • Reduce by 10 - 30% of energy consumption; • Increase the efficiency of the engine by 10 - 15%; • Reduce by 10 - 20% of harmful emissions; • At production of separate knots to replace non-ferrous metals with cheaper (ferrous metals) with preservation and improvement of mechanical properties.

Market application codes

08001014 Lubricants and functional fluids
08001015 Other speciality materials
09001005 Motor vehicles, transportation equipment and parts

Intellectual property rights

Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted

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Area of partner's activity

Type of partner: SME, big companies. Field of activity: car manufactures, railway transport manufactures, machine-builders, press-forging plants, producers of machine-tools, machining centers, compressors, hoisting equipment. Partner's role: for a manufacturing agreement: application of the technology at the production of machine and equipment of a partner; for a services agreement: a partner orders scientific and technical research, and development services concerning application of the offered technology at the manufacture; for a joint venture agreement: organization of a new legal entity with provision of equal financial resources. The new company will offeer restoration and processing services to machine-builders in the country of a partner.

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