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Russian confectionery producer seeks agents or distributors

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A Russian company from Perm is offering a wide range of confectionery and candies, produced with natural components (apple, apricot, raspberry, etc.) They are interested in partnership within commercial agency or distribution services agreements.

Offer description

The Russian company from Perm was established in 2003. It is the first confectionery plant in the Urals and in Siberia. Strict verification of the production process of confectioneries allows to keep the quality of the product at a high level. Since 2003 dealership network of offered product was created within the Russian Federation and abroad. Сonfectioneries are presented in main regions of the Russian Federation and in CIS countries. Products are of high quality which can be verified with awards awarded by the manufacturer. There are different sweets such as chocolate praline with nuts based on coco powder or dry milk, praline with nut paste, roast peanut and waffles or burnt almonds, cream-paste candies with nuts in waffle crumbs or covering with chocolate, waffles with chocolate and creamy fillings, fondant candies, chocolate candies with fluent creamy fillings, candies with chocolate iris, with cinnamon, candies with cherry, orange brandy, candies with apple, strawberry or cherry filling, fruit marmalade (lemon, apricot, raspberry, apple, orange, cherry, muskmelon) in different forms, fruit tapes, vanilla souffle sweetmeat covering with chocolate, pastille etc. Healthy sweets are produced with natural components fruit, apple, cherry, plum sticks with birchbark extract - betulin which helps to fortify the immune system, to promote mental activity, with green tee and without sugar. Pastry items are packaged in polyethylene bags-250 Gr or 200 Gr., healthy sweets - 90 Gr. The company offers boxes of miscellaneous candies. The company is looking for trade agents and distributors from confectionery industry to collaborate under commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement. A potencial partner should represent the products of the company on foreign markets as a trade agent within commercial agency agreement. Distributors will have to distribute the products of the company on foreign markets within distribution services agreement. Potencial partners must have a good knowlidge in the confectionery industry, must be reliable. Terms of delivery and payment will be discussed with potencial partners.

Innovations and advantages

The company has modern confectionery equipment, which allows to produce a wide range of candies: praline, waffles with chocolate and creamy fillings, fondant candies, chocolate candies and etc. in large quantities. Sweets will be produced with natural components (raspberry, lemon, apple, orange, cherry,etc.). The company produces also sweets without using sugar, which are called "healthy sweets". The company is more than 10 years on the confectionery market and knows it very well. Awards: the laureate diploma of the international contest "The best product of 2015", the 8th metro quality award "The best supplier", the diploma of the winner of the «100 best products of Russia» contest, the diploma of the winner of the national professional award "Chocolate business - 2008" and "Chocolate business - 2011".

Market application codes

09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers

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Area of partner's activity

Type – SMEs. Field of activity – retail, trade, distribution in the confectionery industry. Role of partner – to represent and to distribute the confectionery products of the Russian company.

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