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Russian company specializing in recruitment of skilled construction personnel is looking for partners in EU countries for outsourcing agreement

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A Russian company, specializing in recruitment of skilled construction personnel and engineers is looking for partners in EU countries for an outsourcing agreement.The employees have experience in factory, thermal power plant buildings and civil construction.

Offer description

The Russian commercial organization from Izhevsk works in the field of recruitment. The company was founded in 2015. The company offers the services for the selection of highly qualified construction personnel, engineering and support staff for projects of any complexity, including particularly dangerous climatic conditions. The company's projects: construction (electric installation work) of hydroelectric power station (Smolensk region), thermal electric power station (Perm region), nuclear power plant (Saratov region), booster station (the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District), catalytic cracking complex (Nizhny Novgorod region), Caspian pipeline consortium and others. In addition, the company has collaborated with companies of Kazakhstan and Belarus in 2015. Work activities: earthwork, solid work, finishing works, electrical installation and commissioning works, landscaping works, welding of metal structures and others. Productive capacity: electric and gas welders (5-6 category), mounters (4-6 category), carpenter-concreters, circuit installers. The company's activity is based on its own laboratory of nondestructive testing (visual and measuring control, X-ray and ultrasonic examination). For example, equipment for phased antenna array is used for work on ultrasonic testing. The Russian company is looking for partners from sectors of industry, energy, oil and gas industry to conclude the outsourcing agreement. The company will plan to provide staff for temporary and regular work. The desired result of this type of cooperation - long-term contracts on provision of personnel.

Innovations and advantages

The company provides highly qualified construction personnel (graduates of the leading regional universities and colleges: Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University, Borin Izhevsk Machine-Building College and other). Availability of valid self-regulated organization, ISO 9001 certificate, and own database. The company provides free replacement guarantee on all selected experts - 30 to 60 days from the date of employment of the candidate depending on the position. The employees have the necessary professional skills, experience: electric and gas welders 5-6 grade, iron workers and industrial pipefitters 4-6 grade, building joiners, concrete workers, painter-decorators, circuit installers.

Technology keywords

02006002 Construction methods and equipment

Market application codes

09007001 Construction companies
09007005 Facility management companies

Preferred countries

Czech Republic

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Type of partner sought

Type of the required partner: SMEs. Activity: industry, energy, oil and gas industry. Role of the partner: long-term relationship as a customer under outsourcing agreement.



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