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Russian company specialized in computer vision systems development is looking for partners under distribution services agreement or services agreement

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Russian company is specializing in computer vision systems, audience measurement systems and audience analysis development. The company offers its services and is looking for partners abroad for cooperation within distribution services agreement or services agreement.

Offer description

Russian company from Yaroslavl region specializes in computer vision systems. The company has been operating since 2011. The system can be installed anywhere — in cafes, restaurants, transport, shopping and business centers, boutiques and banks. At each moment of time among all the people in front of the digital display or window the system selects those who are looking at the screen, determines gender and age group. The system transmits the anonymous data collected in encrypted form via Internet into a special storage for information analysis. The system uses a video sensor and advanced algorithms of video analysis to receive the following data: number of people who paid attention to certain goods or viewed the advertising; number of people who were close to the presented product or advertising; average time during which people were close to the presented product or advertising; average time during which people looked at the point of interest; gender of the viewers; age group of the audience (child/young person/adult/elderly). The system ensures: reliable data storage; instant access from anywhere in the world; flexible system of reports (about 200 customizable reports). The company has experience of cooperation with companies from Russia, Bulgaria, Sweden, India. Working with India, the company was able to transform and adapt its product to the Indian market and specificity of India. Clients are trading companies, retailers, owners of vending machines, electronic queues and kiosks. The company is looking for partners from IT-sphere to collaborate under distribution services agreement or services agreement. A potential partner will have to distribute the products of the company on foreign markets within distribution services agreement. The expected outcome from the distribution services agreement is that the company will enter into new markets and the partner will expand the assortment. The company is interested in cooperation with trading companies, retailers in the framework of services agreement in order to increase its sales and open up new markets. The expected result from cooperation the company sees in the implementation of software (audiences measurement system) as further cooperation with the client.

Innovations and advantages

The company offers high-tech tool for marketing specialist, merchandiser or business analyst, which allows: - accurately measure audience size and instantly get its segmentation; - create a buyer profile and measure the level of interaction of your retail outlet with him or her, as well as evaluate customer behavior. The system does not require any assistance from the audience. Information is collected anonymously and impartially in real life situation without storing any personal data. There is no need to buy any specialized hardware, the system can be installed on any computer. Free opportunity to test the product. The company is the winner of the American-Russian competition "Innovation corridor".

Technology keywords

01003003 Artificial Intelligence (AI)
01003007 Computer Technology/Graphics, Meta Computing
01003008 Data Processing / Data Interchange, Middleware
01005001 Cultural Heritage

Market application codes

01004002 Data communication components
02007001 Systems software
02007008 Business and office software

Comments, number and date of patent

the computer programs

Preferred countries

Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain

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Type of partner sought

Type of partner: SMEs and large companies. Field of activity: trading companies, industrial companies, financial and insurance companies, banks, services companies. The partner’s role: under services agreement - purchase of the company's services on an ad hoc or long term basis, under distribution service agreement - purchase of the company’s products for own usage and for further retail or wholesale reselling.

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