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Russian company seeks commercial agents for fertilizers with high nutritional value

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A Russian company which develops microbiological specimens that produce bio-conversion (accelerated fermentation) of agricultural waste products offers high nutritive value fertilizers and seeks partners to promote its products under a commercial agency agreement.

Offer description

The Russian company from Lipetsk was found in 2009 is engaged in research and development of microbiologic specimen that produce bioconversion (accelerated fermentation) of agricultural waste products and fertilizers’ production. The company’s products: 1. Nutritive soil (may be used in all climate zones, in open ground, in greenhouses alike; the soil improves yields even with a small amount of the soil; high humus concentration; nutritive characteristics are higher due to wood filler because it has its own microelements; the effect preserves 3-5 years). Bags 0f 10, 25 and 40 litres. 2. Liquid organic biological product for seed treatment and top dressing (consists of fermented mushrooms, actinomycetes, lactic acid bacteria and phototrophic bacteria; contributes to the rapid swelling and germination of seeds; useful microflora formed on the surface of the seeds protects the seeds and sprouts from infections; ensures germination in all weather conditions). Top dressing flow rate is 2 l/ha. Seed treatment flow rate is 1 l/t, may be diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 3. 3. Liquid organic biological product for soil enrichment and stubble decomposition. It restores the soil characteristics, creates favorable conditions for complete germination of seeds, suppresses pathogenic microflora and helps to decompose cellulose due to lactic acid produced with the help of fungi enzymes. Flow rate is 5l/ha. The Russian company is interested in partners' search (from the spheres of fertilizers trade, agriculture, landscape design) so as to conclude commercial agency agreement. Under this type of agreement the Russian company will deliver the fertilizers and the partner is supposed to serve as an agent and find the customers for the company’s products. The expected result is the increase of company's profit through the representation on new markets.

Innovations and advantages

The company's advantages: - microbiologist with academic degree; - cross-border cooperation experience. The products' advantages: - Highest nutritive value due to significant aerobiotic microorganism concentration. (Nutrient soil contains: nitrogen – 3,0: phosphorus – 5,2: potassium – 2,3; ; pH KCL2 - more than 8,2: organic matter – 68,7). - The products are nutritionally balanced. - There is no pathogenic microflora, undesirable plants seeds and helminth eggs, because the temperature is up to 75 C degree in the process of fermentation.

Technology keywords

06002008 Microbiology
07001002 Animal Production / Husbandry
07001003 Biocontrol
07001008 Seed coating

Market application codes

09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

Comments, number and date of patent

Russia, 2014

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Type of partner sought

Type: SME or a large company. Sphere: fertilizers' trade, urban land improvement, agriculture. Role: it is planned that under commercial agency agreement the partner will represent the company's interests on international markets and conclude agreements.



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