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Russian chemical manufacturing company seeks agents and distributors.

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A Russian company specialising in production of chemical products (calcium titanate, strontium titanate, zirconium alkoxides, etc.) for chemical, pharmaceutical, machine-building and other industries is looking for partners under commercial agency and distribution services agreements.

Offer description

The Russian company from Perm was established in 1999. Since that time the company has been specializing in production of chemical products for chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, machine-building industry, paint and coatings industry, glass and food industry. Specialists of the company develop chemical technologies by themselves. There are doctors and candidates of science, graduate assistants, research scientists, which have experience of many years in prosecution of research works. Main as 200 pieces are published, main as 100 author's certificates are obtained. About 50 scientific research results are introduced into production in plants of Perm region. The company has own working area with production facilities and process units for production and purification of organic and non-organic substances and halocarbon recovery. Product nomenclature produced by the company are 40 products, which have safety and health certificate of Federal sanitary-epidemiological station of the Russian Federation such as barium titanate, calcium titanate, strontium titanate, zirconium alkoxides (tetrabutoxyzirconium, tetraisopropyl zirconium, terabutyl zirconium), tantalum alkoxides (tantalum penta-ethoxide), oxide materials like nanodispersed titanium dioxide for special ceramic, titanium-oxide coating on carbon nanotubes, especially pure zirconium oxide (ZrO2), especially pure and nanodispersed tantalum oxide (Ta2O5). The company has a steady position on the Russian market. Patents and own trade mark are obtained. Upon the request of potencial partners the company can provides additional information such as quality certificates, prices, conditions of supply, proof samples of chemical products. Annual output of production of the company is 2000 tons per year. At the plant the pure gas production is organized (above 99,9%) (inkl. isobutene R600a). The company is looking for partners to collaborate under distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement. Under tirms of above-mantioned agreements the company is ready to cooperate with chemical manufacturer, pharmaceutical enterprises, machine-building plants, paint and coatings companies, companies operated in glass and food industries, copmanies specialized in trading of chemical products. Potencial partners have to represent or distribute the products of the Russian company on foreign markets. The expected result of the partnership is sales and representation of products on foreign markets. The company plans to widen its product line and to raise production, therefore customer base will be increased.

Innovations and advantages

The primery competitive advantage of the company is the own development of chemical product technology. The own laboratory makes possible to develop new products and to test it. Staff of the company consists of doctors and candidates of science, graduate assistants and research scientists. The company operates more than 16 years on the market. Established products - Safety and Health Certificate of Federal sanitary-epidemiological station of the Russian Federation. Working area with production facilities and process units is company property which allows to produce chemical products in large quantities at a reasonable price. The company has experience in chemical industry about 15 years, during which time the company has got loyal customers.

Technology keywords

03004 Chemical Technology and Engineering

Market application codes

08001017 Industrial chemicals
08001019 Speciality/performance chemicals
08001021 Other speciality chemicals
08001022 Agricultural chemicals

Comments, number and date of patent

Patents in Russia - 2005, 2003.

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Type of partner sought

Type of partner: SMEs. Field of activity: chemical production, trading of chemical production. Role of partner: to represent products of the company, to distribute products on foreign markets.



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