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Romanian web and mobile application developer is offering to become a subcontractor as provider of software solutions

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Located in Transylvania, close to the Hungarian border, a small Romanian company is specialized in software development and solutions, web applications, web design, mobile applications, etc. The company is interested in new software business partnerships with foreign companies active in the same field of activity on the basis of subcontracting/ outsourcing agreements.

Offer description

Established in 2008 the North-West Romania, at 10 km from the Hungarian border, the Romanian company is an important web and mobile application developer. The Romanian company is specialized in software development, B2B software solutions, web applications, android - iOS applications, webdesign, educational games, mobile applications, android games, Java programming, etc. In the field of web design, the Romanian company has the necessary experience to create performing and, at the same time, accessible sites. The Romanian team can perform all kinds of web design, both in terms of creating websites from scratch and rebuilding the existing ones, providing all services from the design of the interface, architecture, structure, site navigation, accessibility and aesthetics of the site. In terms of software development, the Romanian company develops a wide range of programs, personalizing general solutions so as to adaptable to different uses and different types of users. All the programs developed by the Romanian team are high quality, flexible, tested and retested and consistent; they are fully documented and source code is included. Aftermarket services are also included, from training to maintenance of the new system. Concerning the graphic design, one says a picture worth a thousand words, therefore its purpose is to catalyze and reinforce messages difficult to convey in words. The Romanian programmers answer all customers’ requirements in terms of quality of the graphic design, the intensity of communicative impact, site ergonomics, simplicity of editing, evolutionary layout and promotion in search engines. Regarding the mobile applications, the Romanian SME designs, develops and publishes performant mobile applications for enterprises and various other organizations. Using cutting-edge technologies and the richest programming languages for operating platforms like: iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows, the Romanian staff develops intuitive, highly interactive applications to be applied in administrative areas, banks, education, health, entertainment, etc. For every step of the web and mobile applications development, the Romanian team integrates the culture of efficiency and own methodologies. The Romanian company considers that this kind of approach is fundamental in structuring the project and guarantees a clear answer to clients’ request, a good quality of the application and compliance with deadlines and budget. Having in view the above mentioned, the Romanian company is interested to enlarge its international clients’ portfolio by working together with foreign partners active in the field of software business on the basis of a subcontracting and/ or outsourcing agreement.

Innovations and advantages

The Romanian company has 8 years of experience in software activities and dozens of satisfied business partners. The Romanian SME has 9 experienced staff members (engineers, programmers, consultants); the Romanian company invested a lot of knowledge, time and energy in its staff, having in view that the company always respected the credo according to which good projects are carried out by a professional team and the success results from working together with the client as a team. The Romanian company integrates its strategic vision in every application developed, with emphasis placed on a market approach rather than a strictly product approach.

Market application codes

02007005 Communications/networking
02007007 Applications software
02007008 Business and office software
02007014 Other industry specific software
02007015 Integrated software

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Type of partner sought

The potential partner could be any foreign SME active in the software business, as well as communication and/ or computer related businesses. The potential foreign partner should act as main contractor and to assign some of its obligation to the Romanian SME. Concerning the outsourcing agreement, the Romanian company should perform the specific service asked by the foreign partner. It would be preferable that the foreign partner has already been involved in trans-national activities.


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