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Romanian supplier of high eficiency ecologic houses from wood and glass is looking for partners as building constructors and houses developers

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An established Romanian company, understanding the need of ecologic and high efficiency houses, together with reputable architects designed and drafted houses, from wood and glass with a very low carbon imprint and using a structure of layered wood frames. The houses are offered to building contractors as a high efficiency ecologic house solution, designated to the new built housing market and to developers as an attractive solution for wood and glass house purchasers.

Offer description

The company has experience in designing and manufacturing high efficiency houses using just wood and glass, which can be delivered in a modular kit form for rapid assembly on site. The individual solution, for each project, is conceived by an experienced architect, guided by the needs and wishes of the buyer taking into consideration the site condition, climate and budget. The house is built having a low carbon imprint by using a structure of layered wood frames, walls and boards made from massive wooden plates for the closures. The shape and the exposure of the building are designed to maximize the use of the natural light inside the house and to have a correct setting related to the cardinal points. The house is supplied with high efficiency heating and ventilation that offer very low running costs and minimum maintenance. The minimal need for heating, in winter is covered by a cauldron of condensing gas connected to a heat storage tank. The heating distribution is made to an underfloor radiating system. Included in the offer: - high insulated house outer walls - inner walls - green roof system - triple glazed windows - floors and doors - stairs and banisters - complete plan and designs - delivery to on pre-prepared site - personalized construction planing - inspections, standards and regulation - low cost housing development for local authority - bespoke housing solution for demanding self builders - off grid housing developments making use of solar and renewable The company seeks reputable building contractors and housing developers partners for growth into rapidly expanding ecologically house market. The suppliers understand the need of building contractor partners and offer clear benefits in term of reliability, broad offer and value-for-money. Type of Partnerships Considered: Commercial agency agreement: to act on behalf of the company in promoting sales on specific markets. The formal agreement will be negotiated and will set out the commission the agency will receive, the territory, duration and other terms on which the company and the agency will do business together. Distribution services agreement: a small group of distributors is wanted, in order to cover the company target markets. The cooperation will be non-exclusive. Franchise agency agreement: the company is interested to offer the right to market or sell the products under the trademarked name. The franchisee will have to use the trademarks and brand name of the franchisor as part of its everyday business activity. Joint venture agreement: for the housing development project a business agreement to develop a new entity is possible. This type cooperation is envisaged for a well-defined period of time and a specific project.

Innovations and advantages

ECONOMIC BENEFITS - passive houses are available to satisfy demanding customers and to simplify planning approval in certain local authority areas - low cost for maintenance QUALITY BENEFITS - houses are designed to boost the natural climate of the area using maximum of light and heat generated by the environment - modern or classic design according to client's wishes - open green house inside to create a pleasant climate - structure can be shared according to client desire - fresh automated room ventilation - photovoltaic system and solar heating system for hot water supply - building automation KNX system INCREASED SALES & NEW MARKETS FOR BUILDERS - extensive marketing materials available for use by partners to facilitate the local sales - house can be designed by the client, together with a reputable architect and according to the client wish and behavior ADVANTAGES OVER TRADITIONAL HOUSES - personalized design - fully ecological according to European standards

Market application codes

06006001 Thermal insulation
06006003 Heat recovery
06008 Energy Storage
09007001 Construction companies

Preferred countries

Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Russian Federation, South Korea, Switzerland, United Kingdom, USA

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Type of partner sought

A. BUILDING CONTRACTORS. SME partners in Building Branch are sought. Ideal size is 10 to 100 employees, larger may be considered. Ideally building contractors that wish to grow and expand into the market for new-build homes throughout the EU. Only reputable partners will be considered with a track-record in their local area. B. HOUSING DEVELOPERS , especially for the touristic resorts in mountains and far from cities. C. LOCAL AUTHORITIES which intend to build houses for social cases


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