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Romanian SME specialised in the production of Boron based foliar ferti-stimulators is looking for international partners with whom to conclude partnerships on the basis of a distribution services agreement and/ or a commercial agency agreement.

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The Romanian company engages in the production of Boron based foliar ferti-stimulators recommended for organic, ecological and biological agriculture. The SME is interested in closing distribution services agreements and/ or commercial agency agreements with international partners, under which to expand its business across European and non-European markets.

Offer description

The south-western Romanian limited liability company (NACE CODE 7219) has an experience of 15 years in researching and producing Boron based foliar fertilisers. The prime goal of the company is to conduct innovative, multidisciplinary research and undertake related production activities to highlight the essentiality of Boron in physical and natural sciences. The company develops research results into nutraceuticals, feed additives and foliar fertilizers. The development and production of organic, Boron based, liquid ferti-stimulators are particularly important for the encouragement of ecological, organic and biological agriculture. Products are based on the invention patent ‘Means of using the complex calcium-boron-fructose as nutritional supplement for plants and animals’. With respect to agriculture and forestry, all foliar fertilizers produced by the company have been successfully tested and certified. Their corresponding application to crops increases production performances between 24% and 40%, depending on the type of treatment used. Proof of performance results regarding vegetal and animal production is revealed in public, official evaluation reports dated 2004-2005. The company undergoes continuous development as far as its research activities are concerned, thus aiming at constantly improving already existent products, as well as creating new Boron based products, with beneficial properties for plants and animals. In addition, the company is the beneficiary of eight brands, among which one biofertistimulator for plants, one feed additive for the improvement of technological performances in case of animals, and one protein concentrate, fat in Omega-3 fatty acids, for poultry and animal feed. The company is looking for distributors or companies who are interested in the commercialisation of innovative Boron based products with beneficial properties for agriculture and sylviculture. In both cases, the company seeks to further expand on European and non-European markets, sell its products locally in a number of different countries and regions and raise awareness internationally of the benefits of Boron based, organic compounds for vegetal production and result performance.

Innovations and advantages

Founded in 2001, the Romanian company focuses primarily on conducting fundamental and applied research in physical and natural sciences. All production oriented activities of the SME are based entirely on innovative research initiatives in biochemistry, specifically on Boron chemical compounds. 2007 the company obtained the patent for Calcium Fructoborate on the basis of which the process for obtaining calcium fructo-Boron complex nutrition for animals and plants was certified (Romanian Patent RO 09 3COI 74DO). The patent received three golden metals (at the Inventica International Fair, Bucharest, 2008; the 37th International Salon of Innovation, Techniques and New Products, Geneva, 2009; and the 3rd edition of the International Salon of Inventions and Innovations IWIS, Warsaw, 2009). The same patent received the bronze medal at the Inventica Fairs, Kuwait 2008, Moscow 2010 and Bucharest 2010. The foliar fertilizers developed by the company are organic, Boron based products, approved for agriculture and sylviculture. According to the type of crops and to the type of ferti-stimulator used, there have been registered increases in production of 24-40%. 2004-2005 Boron based products developed by the company for agriculture were successfully evaluated for efficiency. To be mentioned here are Boron organic compounds for vine and sugar beet, green melon crops, the genotype and technological package for sunflower with effects on physical production and oil quantity, the fertistimulating applications for potato crops and the Boron natural compounds, whose use has helped increase the quantitative and qualitative level of vegetal and animal production.

Technology keywords

03004006 Organic Substances
06002001 Biochemistry / Biophysics
07001004 Crop Production
07002004 Silviculture, Forestry

Market application codes

04001001 Agricultural genetic engineering applications

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Type of partner sought

The company seeks partners interested in distributing/ commercialising foliar fertilisers. Types of cooperation envisaged are distribution services agreements, respectively commercial agency agreements. Partners should be small and medium sized distributors or agents, with experience and interest in agriculture, sylviculture and/ or biochemistry who would like to promote the Boron based, organic products developed by the company on European and non-European markets. Partners will be either selling products through distribution channels to customers, or acting as agents for trading company products on the above mentioned markets. Mainly agricultural regions and regions where sylviculture is strongly encouraged, with no restriction whatsoever to country or market, are targeted.


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