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Romanian ready to build photovoltaic power plant offered for acquisition

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A Romanian company active in renewable energy field started to develop a photovoltaic power plant project, also known as a solar park, that is now ready to be built. The project allows the construction of a ground mounted photovoltaic system in the north-west region of Romania. It has the capacity of 3.48 MWp (Megawatt Peak) and is planned as fixed installed system. The company is looking for partners interested in an acquisition or financial agreement.

Offer description

The Romanian company specialised in solar energy field has developed a photovoltaic power plant project in Cluj county and brought it to the stage of ready to be build. A Yield analysis has been performed by the developer of the project. The photovoltaic power station has the estimated annual production of 1.200 kWh/kWp (kilowatt hours/kilowatt peak), the estimated electricity price between 0,035 – 0,042 Euro/kWh, and the estimated annual revenue until 03.2017 min. 127 Euro/kWp and max. 248 Euro/kWp. For every MWh (megawatt-hour) electricity produced from solar power the producer receives 3 GCs (green certificates) from the Romanian Energy National Authority (ANRE). The estimated green certificate price is min. 27 Euro/GC and max. 55 Euro/GC. The producer of electricity from renewable energy sources (RES) receives two kinds of income revenue in Romania by sale of the generated electricity on the electricity market and by sale of green certificates on the Romanian green certificates market. The state of the art of the photovoltaic power plant project of 3.48 MWp includes: - land rent of 3.000 €/year is paid including 2016; - building permit; - connection to the grid contract; - evacuation line works finished; - technical project for connection approved; - grid connection civil works (commissioned); - other taxes and costs necessary for this status of the development. The company is a special purpose company for this power plant only. This company is offered to be sold as a fully permitted, ready-to-build project with the building permit obtained. In this case the acquisition agreement is the collaboration type considered. As they have the technical capacity to build the project, the company also considers the partnership with an investor. In this case the collaboration type would be financial agreement and the Romanian company will implement the construction plan.

Innovations and advantages

The company owns a concession right of the land within the park with the following characteristics: - administrative concession contract for private properties, for their achievement, a legal tender procedure has been pursued; - area: 10 hectares; - duration: 25 years (started in 2014); - annual rent: 3.000 €/year; - approved uses are not limited. The fixed installation plan is of 15.360 monocrystalline modules with inclination of 35 grades, orientation 0 grades (facing south), 6 central inverters and 128 strings with 20 modules per inverter. The plant is ready to be build and has all the permits needed for starting the civil works. Estimated investment can be recovered in 7-8 years. Maintenance costs are very low.

Market application codes

06003001 Solar/thermal energy
06003002 Photovoltaic

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for a partner interested to take over the company under acquisition agreement. The partner should have a good understanding of the renewable energy field. The second type of partnership consider is financial investment. To further develop the plant and bring it to the market the company is looking for an investor willing to invest money on the Romanian market under a financial agreement.


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