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Romanian producer of wines, including bio wine, is looking for distributors

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A Romanian wine producer exploits over 850 hectares of the most renowned vineyards in the country. The company is producing a great variety of red, rosé and white wines that received distinctions in international competitions. The producer is looking for distributors worldwide.

Offer description

A Romanian wine producer combines historical tradition with modern technology in order to produce distinct wines, with a strong personality. The strategy of the company is to produce wine by bringing out the fingerprint of the "terroir" and of the local spirit on international varieties and to offer a wide possibility of expression for the Romanian varieties. At the moment, in the company’s portfolio are 7 ranges of wine with over 20 varieties: - Romanian traditional - Fetească, Băbească, Cadarcă, Zghihară, Şarbă, Tămâioasa Românească, Busuioaca de Bohotin, Crâmpoşie; - International - Merlot, Cabernet, Sauvignon, Riesling, Aligoté. From over 850 hectares of vineyards, the company produces annually around 4 million liters, usually packaged in bottles of 750 ml and bag in box of 5 liters. Other sizes of bottles are available according to the market demands. Starting with 2010, the company performed a bio plantation for 245 hectares of vineyard, the largest area of organic vineyard in South East of Europe. Bio wine production exceeds 1.5 million bottles per year, comprising the traditional varieties: Black Fetească, White Fetească, Cabernet Sauvignon and Black Băbească. The company is already present on international markets in Europe, Russia, China, Japan, Canada and United States of America. Now, is looking forward to establish fruitful and successful business relationships with other distributors worldwide. Also, new distributors from the mentioned countries are welcome, because the existing contracts didn't cover all the areas. Due the access to a large variety and ranges of wines, the distributors will have a winning situation. They can disperse the wines to a large number of end-users: hotels, restaurants, catering sectors, hypermarkets, supermarkets, shops or specialized wine outlets.

Innovations and advantages

With vineyards in four different areas in Romania, the company has the possibility to select the best wines from each region and to offer its consumers a high quality standard. Their wines were awarded at national and international competitions. So, to the wine contests from Vienna/Austria, they received 2 awards in 2009, 7 awards in 2011 and 5 awards in 2013.

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07001004 Crop Production

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07003001 Wine and liquors

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Type of partner sought

The partner must be a company, interested in promoting and selling the wines of the Romanian company on the international market, as distributor. It should have a solid knowledge of the wine sector and a retail network to hotel, restaurants, catering sectors, shops and specialized wine outlets.


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