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Romanian manufacturer of transformers is looking to establish manufacturing agreements with producers of electrical equipment using different types of transformers as components for a final product

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Romanian company specialized in production of electrical equipment: medium voltage instrument transformers, low voltage instrument transformers, power transformers, chokes and reactors is looking for manufacturing agreements with partners from: Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia and the UK who need transformers as integrated components for other electrical products.

Offer description

The Romanian company was founded in 1992 and it is specialized in designing and manufacturing a wide range of transformers, low and medium voltage, power transformers, chokes and reactors. The company can also produce special transformers with medical use. The main characteristics are: -power: up to 630 kVA -frequency: up to 100 kHz -current: up to 10 kA -voltage: up to 35 kV -vacuum and pressure impregnation -encased in resin under vacuum The medium voltage transformers are projected for indoor applications and are support type, vacuum cast in self extinguishing epoxy resin. The company can produce different types of medium voltage transformers, in a wide range of values, as followed: -current instrument transformers: primary current up to 4000 A, accuracy class: 0,2; 0,2S; 0,5; 0,5S; 1. -voltage instrument transformers: voltage up to 20 kV; accuracy class: 0,2; 0,5; 1. -auxiliary power transformers: up to 4 kVA/ 20 kV The company also have a testing laboratory for partial discharge measurements for dielectric rigidity testsup to 75 kV, lightining impulse tests up to 300 kV and a department for research-development that gives the possibility and capacity of analyzing and production of certain types of transformes, if needed pr requested. The company is looking for establishing manufacturing agreements with foreign producers of electrical switchgears or other electrical equipment from Germany, Italy, Spain, Russia and UK that may integrate transformers and/or chockes in their component.

Innovations and advantages

The Romanian company was founded in 1992 and has been growing since then as one of the largest manufacturers of electrical transformers, chokes and reactors in Romania. The company has experience in finding the best solutions according to the client's technical requirements, depending on which the engineers desing the final product. The company is perfectly capable to ensure the best delivery terms in concordance with the technical and quantity requirements. The professional team gather its efforts and expertise to offer the best quality which is proved by the quality of the raw material used and by the fact that the final products are in compliance with all quality standards. The company has a research-development department and therefore is perfectly able to project and produce a wide range of transformers according to the partner's requirements. The company ensure its partners that all necessary support will be received to obtain high productivity with a number of competitive advantages on the market.

Market application codes

08003006 Power transmission equipment (including generators & motors)

Preferred countries

Russian Federation
United Kingdom

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for manufacturing agreements with producers of electrical equipment that need to integrate transformers in their products.


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