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Romanian manufacturer of natural and dietetic food products and ingredients based on soybean vegetable protein is looking for distributors and/or representatives for its products abroad

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Located in Transylvania, the Romanian company is specialised in manufacturing and trading natural and dietary food products and ingredients made of soybean. The company is manufacturing various products based on soybean vegetable protein, which are suitable for domestic use, vegetarians, catering and restaurants, meat industry, milling and baking, confectionery and pastry, etc. The company is looking for distributors and/or representatives to distribute and/or represent its products abroad.

Offer description

The Romanian company started its business in 1998 in Transylvania having as main activity the sale of natural and dietetic products, being preoccupied to offer its clients quality natural soy products. After a pioneer period in marketing of these products, the Romanian company focused on the development of the processing activity, seeking to highlight the potential of the domestic raw materials, as well as the biological and nutritional qualities of cereals and vegetable proteins, locally sourced. The company started up with an innovative character since its beginnings, a feature that is currently expressed in research and development projects in the food industry and in the area of patented-technology biofuels, having a constant concern to offer products promoting a healthy lifestyle. Currently, the Romanian company is known as an active manufacturer on the market of natural and dietetic foods based on soybean vegetable protein, as well as supplier of various types of rich protein vegetable products designed for various use. The Romanian company is manufacturing a wide range of natural soy products to be used in the following areas: - domestic use: the natural soy products are used for obtaining protein rich food preparations, such as meatballs, sticks, balls, schnitzels, pies, sausages, cream, mayonnaise, soups, etc.; - vegetarians: all products are addressed to vegetarians and vegans; - functional food: the Romanian natural soy products contain a high percentage of easily assimilated protein and support obtaining high results in cases of intellectual and physical effort; - catering and restaurants; - milling: the soy products are obtained via production processes that ensure high protein content; - bakery: the improvers and additives based on soybeans are able to increase the quality of bakery products; - confectionery and pastry: the non-GMO soy products have high nutritional values and various functional properties; they have excellent emulsifiers and stabilizers qualities; - meat industry: the food additives based on soybean vegetable protein are able to increase the nutritional values and quality of meat; - farm: basic ingredients in feed manufacturing recipes for farm animals and pets. Already involved in international partnerships with companies from Europe and USA, the Romanian company is interested in enlarging its clients’ portfolio and therefore it is looking for foreign trade intermediary partners interested to promote, distribute and/or represent the Romanian natural soy products on external markets.

Innovations and advantages

- 18 years of experience in the field of manufacturing and trading a wide range of foods and food ingredients, natural and functional products, as well as dietary, all based on soybean vegetable protein; - the Romanian company owns patented technologies and devices, as well as 12 registered trademarks; - the company developed a wide range of products with high content of natural soybean protein, fiber, vitamins designed in terms of consumer health care for cardiovascular, obese, diabetic patients, etc. - the Romanian soybean products are designed to be used both at home and the food industry, as well as in other businesses: catering and restaurants, milling and baking, confectionery and pastry, meat industry, etc.

Market application codes

07003002 Health food
07004002 Health and beauty aids
09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers
09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

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Type of partner sought

The potential partner should be a foreign SME active in the field of distributors, imports and wholesalers, as well as food industry, agriculture and related products, health, etc. The foreign partner should promote and sell the Romanian natural soy products in case of distribution services agreement and/ or promote and represent the company’s products on external markets.


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