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Romanian manufacturer of equipment for food, pharmaceutical, oil and chemical industry is offering to become a subcontractor

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Located in Transylvania, a Romanian company actively involved in the field of design and manufacture of a very wide range of equipments for the food, oil, chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Having over 20 years of experience as designer and manufacturer, the Romanian company is offering its services as subcontractor for foreign partners active in the same or a related field of activity.

Offer description

Established in Transylvania, the Romanian company began its activity in 1974 in the field of research, development and design of machinery and equipment for food and related sectors. Today, the company offers to its clients manufacturing services for equipment and metal construction (based on client’s design), as it follows: -design of technological implements and equipment; -complete designs of milk processing plants; -design of thermal, refrigeration, compressed air, electric plants; -equipment installation and start-up, personnel training; -service within and post warranty period. -stainless steel pipes circuits for milk, beer, juices, wines, according to the client’s design. The company owns manufacturing workshops endowed with modern equipments, such as: welding equipment, computerized numerical control iron sheet cutting machines, horizontal milling and reaming machines, boring and milling machine in coordinates, hydraulic presses, sandblast machines, etc. Among some of the most important products, one can mention: -milk processing plants and modules (milk reception, cooling and storage, milk normalization, homogenizing and pasteurizing, fresh milk preparation and bottling, acid milk products and sour cream, cheese and butter manufacturing); -stainless steel tanks and containers for storage and preparation of food and non-food liquids, powders and gases and transport of different liquids (milk, edible oil, water, beer, wine, etc.); manufacturing at the supplier’s premises (small capacity tanks) or at the client’s premises (big capacity tanks); -technological refrigeration plants: ice banks, refrigeration plants with instantaneous cooling, refrigeration plants for storage rooms (to cool different food stuffs: milk, brine, juices, wine, edible oil, cream mix etc. or non-food stuffs: industrial water in chemical industry, iron and steel industry, plastic material industry, etc.; -plate heat exchanges: plate drawing , execution of different components, execution and stainless steel plating of endplates. Willing to extend its clients’ portfolio, the Romanian company is offering its professional subcontracting services for potential EU partners active in the same or a related field of activity.

Innovations and advantages

-24 years of experience in the field of manufacturing machinery for food and related industries; -previous experience in international co-operations; -ability to adapt to individual projects needs; -quality products/ services and in time delivery.

Market application codes

06001005 Storage and transportation
08003001 Machine tools, other metal working equipment (excl. numeric control)
08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery
09003001 Engineering services
09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

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Type of partner sought

The potential partner is expected to have relevant experience in the similar activity fields and to be interested in collaborating with the Romanian partner for subcontracting services. The potential should provide the documentation for the works.


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