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Romanian IT company specialised in mobile software solutions for audiobooks seeks commercial agency agreements with European marketing firms

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A Romanian SME specialises in the development of software applications for Android or iOS and web that allow users to purchase and listen to audiobooks. The company is looking for European marketing partners with whom to cooperate in the long run on the basis of a commercial agency agreement.

Offer description

Founded in 2000, the SME ranges among the first mobile solution suppliers in Romania. The functionality of all applications developed by the company is guaranteed by their modular, scalable structure. Irrespective of the degree of customisation demanded by users at some point, all applications can be changed and re-adapted to fit clients’ needs, in the absence of any alteration brought to the implementation process. The Romanian company is committed to excellency in the IT sector. Thus, 2011 (London) and 2012 (Berlin) it was among the finalists of IT Europa – European Software Excellence Awards, 2008 and 2005 it received the RoCS Excellency Awards, and 2006 the company was awarded the Binary Excellency Diploma for its achievements in the sector Innovation in Sales Management. 2015 the company began the audiobook project. For the first time in Romania, 10 million tablet and smartphone users could have easy access to a mobile audiobook pocket library. The app for Android or iOS enables users to enjoy lecturing while performing other tasks that normally exclude the classic reading experience. The app is currently available to readers in Romanian and English. Language diversification is, nonetheless, an option in the future, depending on market needs and international players involved (customers and publishing houses). It can be downloaded from App Store or Google Play. The download is free from charge. The application offers a real life library experience to its users, in that they can browse the audiobook catalogue, listen to short fragments and search audiobooks on a multiple criterion basis (author, title, publisher, costs, duration). Login for purchasing audiobooks is easily accessible via Facebook or Google and payment can be made by SMS, card or PayPal. Users can listen to audiobooks on either tablet or smartphone, online or offline, without loss of content (if, for instance, users change their smartphones) and by benefitting from the advantage of resuming audition at any time, from any device. Additionally, the programme provides users with the possibility to offer audiobooks as gifts to friends, as well as the possibility to invite Facebook friends to download the application. The Romanian company is interested in promoting its application for audiobooks European wide. A key interest in agreeing to an international partnership refers to the conclusion of contracts with foreign publishing houses. Potential partners specialised in marketing should, therefore, perform the tasks of promoting the application on local markets and selecting publishers interested in the company product. The Romanian SME is interested in collaborating with marketing specialists on the basis of a commercial agency agreement, whereby the latter party accepts to represent and promote the company product on the respective foreign market.

Innovations and advantages

The product on offer is the first software application for audiobooks developed in Romania, available on Android and iOS tablet or smartphone and web. The app (launched in 2015) can be installed for free from Google Play and App Store and enables users to access a large array of titles and authors from fields as diverse as literature, history, personal and professional development, parenting or relationships at any time and any place. The app is user friendly, in that it enables login via Facebook or Google, thus excluding the requirement of a username and password. The payment procedure has also been simplified to a maximum, thus enabling customers to purchase the audiobooks either by SMS, card or PayPal. Once an audiobook is purchased, users can enjoy it either online or offline on any device. The app enables users to switch devices and resume audition at any time, directly from the last point of interruption. The audiobook catalogue includes such partner publishing houses as Andy Szekely Training & Coaching, Dynamic Human Resources, SPER, Humanitas Multimedia, Ibella Consulting, iD Learning, Infomedia Pro and Lorand Soarez Szasz. In its first three months the app registered over 2,000 downloads and over 200 books were sold. At the moment, the app includes approximately 250 audiobooks; the company has contracts with 18 publishing houses and 115 authors are now available in the audio format. The company is currently participating in a joint project with CEZ Romania and Rogalski-Damaschin that aims at developing a version of the audiobook application for blind and partially sighted people.

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02007007 Applications software

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The application will be registered with ORDA, the company thus being conferred intellectual property rights in respect of the previously mentioned app. Likewise, the brand (also known as logo) will be registered with OSIM.

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Area of partner's activity

The Romanian SME seeks European marketing companies with whom to collaborate on the basis of a commercial agency agreement. Potential partners are expected to promote the software application for audiobooks on their markets and to sign contracts with foreign publishing houses interested in the aforementioned product.


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