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Romanian inventor seeks a commercial agency for promotion and distribution a modern system of design and rapid manufacturing of special shoes

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An inventor from a university situated in North-eastern Romania, provides a system design and realization quickly, for special shoes for people with locomotor deficiencies. The inventor wants an agreement with a commercial agency in order to promote and distribute the system abroad.

Offer description

Until now designing footwear for persons with locomotor deficiency was classically done by getting the pattern after measuring foot, and carrying a shoe after multiple measurements. Romanian inventor, from a university in northeastern Romania,specializing in footwear to compensate for locomotors deficiencies, offers a modern system of design and rapid manufacturing of the special shoes used in locomotors deficiency compensation and leg disease prophylaxis. This system, used on the local market, has produced the most spectacular results. This system is powered by a platform which will measure and determine the specific parameters of the patient legs using dynamometers, 3D scanning. The data will be sent to a computer which will determine the perfect shoes model. After a complete verification and simulation of the shoe, this will be created using 3D printers. The data will be used in determining the parameters for the mould for the sole. The system can be used both in shoe factories, in specialized units in the prophylaxis foot and in medical units. The inventor wants an agreement with a commercial agency in order to promote and distribute the system abroad. Seeking partner must have knowledge of techniques to achieve shoes, understand the need to make these special shoes for foot prophylaxis, know the locations where such systems can be distributed, and the mechanisms to promote the products.

Innovations and advantages

Compared to existing systems, the system shown benefit in terms of precision design using 3D scanning system in bringing an advantage in terms of comfort and precision. The system has the advantage of simulations of footwear will be obtained, removing flaws and mistakes of production. Parameters patient's foot will be measured with increased accuracy, the shoe being adapted to any situation. Such data will be used to create molds very good. Advantages bringing very little waste and high productivity.

Technology keywords

02001001 3D printing
02002009 Machine Tools
03003 Apparatus Engineering
03006001 Dry filling related to Footwear / Leather Technology
03006002 Dyes related to Footwear / Leather Technology

Market application codes

02004004 Other scanning related (incl. image processing, ...)
03004002 Components testing equipment
05003001 Therapeutic services
08006001 Process control and logistics

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Comments, number and date of patent

In Romania

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Area of partner's activity

Sought partner must know very well the places where the system can be applied, such as shoe factories, clinics profile, sporting profile units etc. He must have the ability to market and distribute these products and have the ability to do it.


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