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Romanian family-owned tailoring business producing small series ready-to-wear and made-to-measure clothes for women and men seeks partners

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A small Romanian family company, manufacturing small series of office dresses and men’s and women’s shirts is looking to expand its business in the EU. Using own design and fabrics or clients’ patterns and materials, the company’s activity is based on traditional tailoring. Long term partnership is sought with niche sales channels or boutiques based on a commercial agency agreement or manufacturing agreement.

Offer description

The company was established in 2012 in western part of Romania, continuing a longer tailoring tradition in the family. Its business philosophy relies on craftsmanship and flexibility in creating highly customized products adapted to fabric characteristics and clients’ individual features. The company is producing ready-to-wear and made-to-measure suits for women, office dresses, and shirts for both women and men in small series (10-20 pieces from each category weekly). The garments are made after company’s own designs or made according to client’s own design/patterns. They use fabrics such as: cotton, wool, linen and silk. The company can use the client’s material or its own sources that are meeting the quality requirements. User experience and needs are taken into account to cater for individual clothing needs: smart suit or dress for the office, special occasion outfits, stylish shirts and jacket. Products are complemented with specific accessories such as (buttons, zippers, scarfs, broaches etc.) As a traditional tailoring shop, the company combines different types of machines with human skills in such manner to ensure highly customized products, differentiating itself from totally automatized processes by enabling perfect fit to individual characteristics. The machinery includes: 1-needle lockstitch machines, 2-needle lockstitch machines, zigzag stitching machines, cover lock, buttonholing machine, button sewing machine, over lock machine. Up to now the company’s client pool was from the local market. It has decided to change its business by orienting its production towards boutique-style one-of-a-kind garments. The type of partnership sought is commercial agency agreement for the company’s own products and/or manufacturing agreement in case of using the partner’s clothing patterns. In both cases a long-term partnership is intended, aiming to provide clothing pieces regularly (at least 20 pieces of each item weekly).

Innovations and advantages

The company is providing small series quantities of unique personalized products which fit accurately to individual measurements. With experience in manufacturing by design, the company has high flexibility and is able to adapt its production to various requests. Production in small batches gives flexibility to its clients as well from one order to another. Additionally the company ensures manual direct quality control and adjustments according with the partner demands.

Current stage of development

The company sells its products under its own name but it can also allow buyers to use their own brand (i.e. boutique’s brand).

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03005004 Finisher related to Textiles Technology

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Intellectual property rights

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Type of partner sought

The partnership considered are: - Commercial agency agreement with companies interested in garments manufactured by client’s design. The Romanian client can adapt their designs for specific requirements and can also produce them with fabrics of their own or the partner’s ones. - Manufacturing agreement with companies who have their own designs and patterns and are looking for manufacturers. In this case, the company is open to establish specific cooperation, either with or without partner’s fabrics, with or without partner’s accessories etc. In both cases the partners sought include boutiques, niche clothes designers and fashion consultants who want to sell diverse and customized solution for their clients. In both cases, partner shall have expertise in sales of similar products and strong client base in order to be able to provide the Romanian tailoring with the technical specification needed to create customized products. The partners should be interested in placing small and regular orders from the selection of garments described (i.e. 12 pieces/item weekly). The Romanian company is open to customize the designs or create new ones at any time, thus being able to offer partners the possibility to introduce mid-season apparel. The details of the orders and pre-designs shall be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


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