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Romanian family company specialized in manufacturing natural cosmetics is looking for distributors in the EU countries.

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Romanian family company specialized in the production of handmade cosmetics using exclusively natural ingredients, is looking to expand its current market by finding new interested clients in the EU countries.

Offer description

A Romanian family company , specialized in the production of handmade cosmetics from natural ecological ingredients is looking for distributors in the EU countries. The natural cosmetics are produced in small batches, using only carefully selected 100% natural, ECOCERT vegetal extracts and ingredients, for their benefits in fighting the aggression of chemical products on human skin. The range of current products consists in 15 categories, each accompanied by an explanatory prospectus: - roll-on deodorant (men and women) with Hammamelis bio extract, lavender, cloves, lemongrass, etc; - cleansing milk for face and neck with honey, Carthame oil, and Litsea cubeba extract; - anti ageing cream (night and day formulas) with Shea butter, rosehip and carrot oils; - moisturizing cream with apricot, rosemary and sesame virgin oil; - hands and body nutritive cream with vegetal colagen, bio coconut oil, shea butter; - eye contour cream with vine extract and Italian immortelle water; - anti acnee and anti couperose cream with black cumin and macadamia virgin oil;; - lips treatment; - shampoo and douche gel with soothing and and protective effects; - anti cellulite and stretch marks cream, etc. All the products are 100% free of synthetic ingredients and contain ingredients that are valuable for the skin's health and well-being. The ingredients are imported from France, from ECOCERT certified sources. As a result and a measure for checking the fact that all the products are made from natural substances, the expiry dates are rather short. The company can also adapt and create new recipes according to client's needs.

Innovations and advantages

In its cosmetic formulas and recipes, the Romanian company uses 100% natural vegetal bio extracts and igredients, from ECOCERT certified cultures. The products recipes are rigourosly respected and the products range is permanently improved, in consideration to the clients' needs and requests. The Romanian company is reccomended by its quality products as well as by its competitive prices.

Current stage of development

The Romanian company is already delivering its products on the local and international market.

Market application codes

09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)

Intellectual property rights

Secret Know-how

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Type of partner sought

The expected partner should have relevant experience in the import procedures applied to natural products, and have a good reputation in the field of selling natural cosmetics. The role of the envisaged partner should be to introduce the Romanian company's current products on the market. Access to the specialised market and good knowledge abaout on the natural cosmetics market (expiry terms, warehousing conditions, etc)


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