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Romanian developer of GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions seeks distributors

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The Romanian company,established in NW Transylvania in 1998, is specialized in providing IT solutions. It has over 500 employees located in 7 national & international offices. The application they provide is a complete solution for monitoring and managing vehicles fleets, offering a GPS tracking system and personalized services. The customers get a 360-degree view of their vehicles, receiving automatic reports if the system detects a problem. The company is looking for distributors.

Offer description

The Romanian GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management solution is suiting a large number of industries, public utilities, construction, distribution, agriculture, banks, insurance, courier, IT, healthcare, security, transportation. The application can be customized to any industry. The application collects data by GPS from vehicles in the field and generate reports based on them, as a graph or table, which allows analyzing and comparing data presented according to some parameters: time, vehicle, division. Over 80 developed reports can be made available to customers: road maps, gear ratio, station, route deviation, consumer report, over-speeding, violation zone, digital tachograph and historic of cars. It offers alerts and notifications in case of expiry of licenses like leasing, vignette, maintenance, professional certificates, medical and psychological exams. The Driving Behavior module integrated into the application allows the fleet manager to monitor the driving styles by identifying drivers with aggressive styles based on several indicators like speeding and over speeding, sudden accelerations and braking. The Romanian company is interested in a distribution services agreement with a partner which has proven experience in commercializing the company's specific software applications. The expected expertise of the partner should address domains such as : telematics, GPS tracking, fleet management, automotive industry.

Innovations and advantages

The solution has specific features and advantages: • Application in English, Romanian, Hungarian and Russian • Complete map of Europe (45 countries) • Accurate data collected with top tracking equipment • Friendly interface that insures easy usage of the solution • Updated maps that offer the possibility of exporting the GPS coordinates of a location into Google Earth The benefits for the customers are: increased revenue ( by optimizing routing for faster service, improving on-time deliveries) lower costs (cuts operational costs and avoid unnecessary expenses), reduce fuel & emissions, provide safety & security (by using diagnostic alerts to prevent over speeding, reducing speeding violations and other risky driving behaviors, using GPS tracking to know the location of all vehicles)

Technology keywords

01003006 Computer Software
01003013 Information Technology/Informatics
01003014 Internet Technologies/Communication (Wireless, Bluetooth)
01004003 Applications for Transport and Logistics
01006003 Mobile Communications

Market application codes

02007006 Other system software
02007007 Applications software
02007014 Other industry specific software
02007015 Integrated software
02007024 Programming services/systems engineering

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Type of partner sought

The Romanian company is looking for distributors interested in GPS vehicle tracking and fleet management software applications for various fields: construction, distribution, agriculture, banks, insurance, courier, IT, healthcare, security, transportation. The partners are expected to have knowledge and experience on the specific markets, to sell and implement modules like: telematics, GPS tracking, fleet management, automotive and to assure technical support and service for customers on their markets.


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