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Romanian custom web development company is looking for partners in outsourcing services

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Having over 8 years' experience with classical, established technologies (PHP frameworks or SQL databases), in the past couple of years this Romanian company has specialized in working with newer, innovative technologies, focusing on front-end and server side technologies: AngularJS, ReactJS, NodeJS. They work with clients from a very wide range of industries (finance&insurance,health, e-learning, arts, transportation) from the USA, Australia and Europe. They seek outsourcing partners.

Offer description

This Romanian company is an international web development outsourcing company with a team of professionals who provides integrated telecom and internet solutions to SME & SOHOs (Small Office Home Office) business segment. The company is covering the Romanian, US, UK and Australian IT&C markets. A young and dynamic team provides high quality solutions for businesses in different domains (finance and insurance, hospitality industry, medical and health, e-learning, grants, arts, transportation). They are looking for both entrepreneurs, that have a start-up idea and need a team to help them bring that idea to life, as well as established, important businesses that already have a running application, but realize this application needs to be grown, modernized or needs a touch of the most recent and innovative technologies.

Innovations and advantages

Based on the years of experience in working both with start-ups and in enterprise sized projects, the company aims to offer integrated services that cover not only the technical development part of a project, but also the business part of the projects. Flexibility, adaptability, long-term commitments are 3 keywords for the company. The developers become in time part of the client's team, trying to best understand all their technical as well as business needs. All the company's developers, PMs and account managers are business savvy and experienced. The company was ranked for two years in a row in Central Europe and Middle East & Africa programs for IT companies that awards the fastest-growing tech companies in the region based on revenue growth. Also, during 2015, the company was listed on the stock market. Last year was completed by the “Best ERP/CRM of the Year” recognition at IT Europe Awards. The company also have international experience with clients, knowing the appropriate methods to deal with various challenges from different regions of the world.

Technology keywords

01003006 Computer Software
01003013 Information Technology/Informatics
01004001 Applications for Health
01004006 Environment Management Systems

Market application codes

02007004 Program development tools/languages
02007007 Applications software
02007012 Medical/health software
02007014 Other industry specific software

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Type of partner sought

Companies that have a web product idea, yet lack the technical team to develop such an application or for companies that already have applications that need revamping and constant improvements, to remain on top of their markets and ahead of their competitors.


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