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Romanian company specialized in recruitment of personnel is looking for business partners for services and outsourcing agreements

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A Romanian company from Transylvania, with more than 4 years experience in recruitment and placement of personnel abroad, is offering partnerships such as services agreements and outsourcing agreements, for companies interested in hiring qualified personnel from Romania.

Offer description

A Romanian company, founded in 2012, has as main activities: the recruitment and selection of the personnel and staff leasing. The company has a base of over 20,000 candidates from Romania and has 7 recruiters. They recruit staff in the fields of industry, IT, construction, hotels, transport, medicine, agriculture. The company provides recruitment and selection for companies that want to hire people from Romania. Furthermore, the company is able to provide the foreign companies staff in temporary work in the fields of IT, construction, agriculture, hotels etc. The company is accredited by the Ministry of Labour. The firm also provides outsourcing services for companies who want to outsource part of the recruitment, administrative duties or website maintenance, connecting them with the people who work online from the office in Romania. The Romanian company is in a continuous search of collaborators, foreign employers who wish to recruit staff from Romania.

Innovations and advantages

At the moment, the company is providing personnel for companies in many foreign countries all over Europe and other continents. The company is offering recruitment and outsourcing services at very competitive prices (starting with 5 euros/ hour).

Technology keywords

11004 Technology, Society and Employment

Market application codes

07005005 Travel agencies and services
07005006 Other consumer services (including photo processing)
07006 Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)

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Type of partner sought

The Romanian company is looking for foreign employers who wish to recruit staff from Romania. The company is also looking for international companies that are willing to externalize a part of their recruiting activities, administrative duties or website maintenance.


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