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Romanian company specialized in manufacturing traditional and raw vegan cakes is looking for distributors to sell its products abroad

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A Romanian SME is specialized in manufacturing various traditional and raw vegan cakes, using only quality ingredients; the SME offers both well-known confectionery products, as well as more than 28 varieties of homemade cakes. Paying special attention to the idea of health food, it is also manufacturing diverse raw vegan cakes made of natural carefully selected ingredients. The SME is looking for partners willing the sell the Romanian products abroad via a distribution services agreement.

Offer description

Established in 2013 in Transylvania, the Romanian company is active on the internal market as a manufacturer and trader of fresh pastry goods and cakes, offering to its clients a large variety of fresh, natural and delicious products, prepared based on traditional home-made recipes. The company is manufacturing a wide range of both traditional and raw vegan cakes, made of natural ingredients, and also according customers' demands. Besides the well-known confectionery products, the company is offering more than 28 varieties of homemade cakes, for the idea of the Romanian SME is to bring back the feeling of warmth and love from childhood days. The company also owns a shop where all fresh pastry goods and cakes, where one can taste and buy the products, among which one can mention: chocolate cakes with white or black sticks, marzipan cakes, cakes decorated with cream, cakes decorated with chocolate chips, etc., which are perfect for special occasions (weddings, anniversaries, promotions, etc .). The cakes are filled with cooked cream, fruit or crunchy nuts in foil. The Romanian pastry also manufactures marzipan figurines, edible waffle customized with photos, as well as surprise cakes (for adults only). The Romanian company is the only pastry in the capital city of the county close to the Hungarian border (only 10 km) that makes and sells raw vegan products. The raw vegan products do not contain sugar, milk, eggs, flour, gluten or other ingredients which to not have a vegetal origin. The raw material used in this product range consists of fruits, seeds, vegetables, cocoa butter, etc., all of them unprocessed. Although a young company, the Romanian SME has an experienced team that has over 2o years of activity in the field of manufacturing and trading fresh pastry goods and cakes. The company owns a laboratory well equipped with high performance machines which comply with HACCP standards. Willing to develop its business and to enlarge its client’s portfolio, the Romanian company is interested in distributing its products abroad by getting in contact with foreign partners willing to promote and sell the traditional and raw vegan cakes on the external market.

Innovations and advantages

Although with only 3 years of experience on the market, but benefiting of the previous experiences of the employees who have over 20 years in the field of manufacturing fresh pastry goods and cakes, the Romanian pastry became famous for the quality and diversity of products, as well as due to its reasonable prices. With wide range confectionery products, the Romanian company is offering to its clients more than 28 extra varieties of homemade cakes, following traditional home-made recipes. Using only vegetable origin ingredients, the Romanian company manufactures various raw vegan cakes that do not contain sugar, milk, eggs, flour, gluten, etc, ;the raw materials used consists only unprocessed ingredients (fruits, seeds, vegetables, cocoa butter, etc.) The Romanian company has all the necessary laboratory endowment so as to manufacture fresh pastry goods and cakes and undoubtedly it is in line with all EU standards in this field of activity.

Market application codes

07002005 Other retailing
07003002 Health food
07005002 Other restaurants
07005003 Hotels and resorts
09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers

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Type of partner sought

The potential partner could be any foreign SME with previous experience in the field of distribution of fresh pastry goods and cakes, including raw vegan cakes, interested in promoting and sell the Romanian products aboard. As the company is manufacturing Romanian traditional and raw vegan cakes, it would be interesting for the foreign partners to offer their customers’ the possibility to choose among a large assortment of products. As the fresh pastry goods and cakes are also used in the field of restaurants and hotels, the Romanian company is also open for business agreements with companies active in this specific area. Having in view the benefits of the raw vegan eating style, the Romanian products are suitable also in the field of health food; thus, the small Romanian company is also interested in finding foreign partners active in this specific field of activity and/ or related sectors. Regardless of the previously mentioned activity sector, the potential partner should be reliable and interested in long term cooperation with mutual benefits and it would be great if the foreign partner has already been involved in trans-national activities.


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