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Romanian company producing biostimulators for all kind of crops is looking for trade intermediaries

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A Romanian company specialized in research and production of various types of ecological biostimulators having the purpose to increase the production capacity of all kind of crops is looking for trade intermediaries (distributors, wholesalers and agents) in the EU, Russia and South America countries.

Offer description

The Romanian company is producing, in its own research and development facilities, fully ecological biostimulators which contribute to the increasing of the productivity of the plants with almost 35%. The tests showed that, without increasing the density of the plants, but increasing the production, farmers can obtain biggest production. Examples: corn (with 32% more), wheat (with 35% more), sunflower (with 33% more), rapeseed (with 20% more), tomatoes (with 35% more), potatoes (with 32% more), sugar beet (with 34% more), vine (18%). This product is the only non toxic fertilizer that can be used in any steps of the vegetation phase of plants, including blossoming. No risk in the event of excess of application (does not produce etiolated, turgid, burns or marginal necrosis of leaves). It can be used successfully in eco-agriculture. It is easy to apply without any additional costs. It is compatible with herbicides and other pesticides, can be applied together with it, thus reducing labor charges for the application. The Romanian company is looking for trade intermediaries (distributors, wholesalers and agents) in EU, Russia and South America countries.

Innovations and advantages

Several advantages can be mentioned: - can be applied by spraying; - has a systemic chemical composition and it is easy assimilated by the plants, having an auxin action; - can be used in any vegetation steps having favorable effects starting with that moment; - increase the quantity of A and B chlorophyll, having an essential role in plants development; - has a favorable influence on the seeds germination causing a fast sprouting of the plant; - develop the roots system of the plants increasing the resistance at the drought and wind; - restore the tissues damaged by hail and helps to continue the normal cycle of vegetation; - no toxicity, it can be used for eco-agriculture; - can be administrated together with all kind of pesticides; - it is biodegradable; - do not ignite and do not explode. The company has multiple ISO certifications.

Technology keywords

06002001 Biochemistry / Biophysics

Market application codes

04005 Biochemistry / Biophysics
08001022 Agricultural chemicals

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Type of partner sought

Both distribution companies and representative agents must have experience in supplying agricultural inputs. The potential partner should have good contacts with relevant companies in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, viticulture, floriculture. Also they have to have a good understanding of the biological system of the plant.


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