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Romanian company of sweets and pastry seeks to sell the company

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A company from Romania, manufacturer of wafers, cookies, cakes and sponge sheets seeks for potential partner who is interested in making an acquisition agreement.

Offer description

The company was founded in 2005 as a family business and has a good presence on both Romanian and European market. The company produces mainly wafers, cookies, cakes and sponge sheets. From the beginning, the company has invested in development and acquisition of modern technological lines. In 2008, it was made a major step with the acquisition of automated production lines for wafer. In 2011, the factory was modernized by purchasing high tech equipment in order to increase the performance and in 2014 it was acquired a production line of sponge sheets used in the cakes production to ensure a more efficient activity and improved productivity. Along the years, the company has succeded to surpass its competitors and constantly grow. Today, its products are being in the stores of each Romanian county. The products can be found both on internal and external market such as: Spain, Moldova Republic, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovakia and Czech Republic and the company is making efforts to export in Germany, United Kingdom, Poland and Greece. The main products of the company are frosted and unfrosted wafers, individually packaged with different weights (100, 110, 135, 145 and 165 grams). Besides wafer products, the company has introduced a wide range of pastry products: cookies, cakes, sponge sheets packed in various weights. Recently, the company has put on both Romanian and international market new diet wafers and sugar-free wafers with different flavours (chocolate, cappuccino and lemon) in order to reach also a niche market - diabetics customers. The factory owns 3 manufacture departments with a large production capacity, as follows: - the wafer department with a production capacity of 250-300 tons/month and three production lines; - the pastry department with a production capacity of 100-150 tons/month; - the sponge sheets department with a production capacity of 70 tons/ month. The owner wants to sale the company because he has no direct descendants and he would like to retire or at least to be involved in a smaller extend.

Innovations and advantages

- The main advantage of the company is that the products are intended for several categories of consumers, including those who suffer from diabetes and cannot consume any kind of products. - The company has over 10 years’ experience. - The company uses in the production process only vegetable materials and naturally identic flavours and pigments. - The factory owns technological lines, machines that are specialized in producing many kinds of products and it is easy to adapt to customer requests. - ISO 9001:2008 - ISO 22000:2005 HALAL Certificate

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07006 Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)

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Type of partner sought

The partner sought must be a company who wants to buy the whole company or one share of the company. Acquisition agreement


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