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Romanian company is looking for distributors for a special and innovative product that removes the snow and ice from concrete and asphalt surfaces during cold season

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Romanian company that produces a special corrosion inhibitor that quickly and efficiently thaws ice and snow from concrete and asphalt surfaces is looking for foreign distributors for this product in Germany, Austria, Norway, Sweden and Russia.

Offer description

The Romanian company has an experience of over 7 years in making and distributing snow and ice removing products, including a unique product in Romania, the best known on the market for thawing snow and ice during the cold season. The inhibitor was already distributed to private companies and public authorities from all over Romania. The product is a corrosion inhibitor for sodium chloride, which mixed with salt (2% inhibitor, 98% salt and water in ice or snow), is thawing fast and very efficient the snow and the ice from roads, national roads, highways , airports and pedestrian areas. The company wants to fiind foreign distributors for this innovative product, that has the following properties: - rapid defrosting of all surfaces that is used on, keeping this effect until two consecutive snows under severe temperatures (up to - 24.5 degrees Celsius); - removing all harmful effects associated with snow removal based composite salt-sand; - protecting the roadway, car bodywork and tires; - unclogging sewer installations; - blocking the corrosive effects of salt; - environmental protection.

Innovations and advantages

The product is manufactured in compliance with all standards required by law, benefit from a high quality, proving efficiency through concrete results appreciated by all customers. This product is a corrosion inhibitor for sodium chloride, which mixed with salt (2% inhibitor, 98% salt and water in ice or snow), is thawing fast snow and ice on roads, national roads, highways, airports and pedestrian areas (sidewalks, paving), as this mixture forms a solution with a very low freezing point, respectively -24,5 Celsius according to the ETA nr. 005 / 186-208. The product is unique in Romania and there is only one more producer in Europe making this special product. The Romanian company comes with the advantage of higher efficiency and lower cost. Other important advantages compared to similar products are: is not harmful against roads and cars, it is not harmful with the environment and special equipment is not necessary.

Market application codes

08001017 Industrial chemicals

Preferred countries

Russian Federation

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Area of partner's activity

The partner can be any company, institution or authority interested and experienced in the distribution of snow and ice removing products from roads and any asphalt surface.


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