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Romanian company is looking for a commercial agency to promote and distribute an installation for producing automated vanilla sugar

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The researchers from a Romanian company have successfully tested a technology for producing vanilla sugar in continuous flow. The process fulfils all the necessary condition to obtain safe food product. The company wants to establish an cooperation agreement with a foreign agency to promote and distribute this product.

Offer description

A Romanian company, located in North Easte of Romania, produced an installation for obtaining vanilla sugar. It was made by company's researchers and it is already used on the local market. Vanilla powder sugar is an intimate mix pure sugar under the powder form, with a special blend of vanillin, ethylvanillin and anticaking agent. Sequences of process flow: -weight of crystallized sugar; -drying through continuous flow under the time and temperature control -milling under the powder form of dried sugar -sieve of powder sugar to get the uniform size of particles. -homogenize( above equipment) of powder sugar and all other ingredients. -distribution to the automated dosing(weight) packing machines to get the final product. -packing in carton boxes. -palletizing the cartoon boxes and wrap with polyethylene foil. The entire process is automated, starting from the weight of crystal sugar up to final packing. Installation can be used in the baking industry, confectionery laboratories, and other areas where vanilla is required. Therefore the company wants to find a commercial agency who know such sectors and promote this kind of facility. Sought partner must know the mechanisms of promotion and distribution and be available for this sector.

Innovations and advantages

- Special blend composition of certain type of vanilla with strong and delicate smell and test. - Most of the similar products on the market are under the vanillin granulated (not powder) sugar, which has many inconvenient application especially as an icing patisserie products - The manually operation during the process was complete eliminated, in this way the replacement of the product is assured under the safety conditions. -The dry system is an innovative one due to the control of residence time of sugar during the heat transfer through the oven ( no stationary drying) -The above homogenization, ensure a high performance of mixing process, getting the uniformity of batch.

Technology keywords

02002009 Machine Tools
02005004 Packaging for materials
08001002 Food Additives/Ingredients/Functional Food

Market application codes

07003002 Health food
07004008 Other consumer products
08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery

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In the Romanian market

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Area of partner's activity

Sought partner must have knowledge about the areas in which the installation could be used. He must know the elements necessary for promotion and can distribute the installation depending on the number commands and depending on availability of the manufacturer. He has to keep in touch with the manufacturer to inform him about the strategy and dynamic promotion requests.


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