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Romanian company active in the field of manufacture of structural metal products is looking for a distributor in order to sell its products and is offering its services as a subcontractor

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Romanian company active in the field of manufacture of structural metal products (e.g. metal frameworks or parts for construction) is looking for a distributor in order to sell its products and is offering its services as a subcontractor for manufacturing metal products, such as steel or stainless steel products.

Offer description

The Romanian company was founded in 1993 in the metal advertising sector. Since 1996, the company is specialized only in processing stainless steels. Strategically diversified, flexible and well positioned on the Romanian market, the company is specialized in the manufacture of structural metal products (such as metal frameworks or parts for construction) and steel or stainless steel products. The Romanian company designs and produces products for houses, such as: - iron and steel railing and stairs in iron and stainless steel structure with wooden steps and glass; - steel sills sheet, galvanized or powder coated pickled sheet, shelves; - stainless steel tables and cabinets for restaurants, offices, etc; - stainless steel tanks for food industry and stainless steel boiler for heating bath water; - fences and gates with or without locking mechanism; - awnings on steel or iron structure; - stainless steel trays upon request (ex. cash register trays applied for furniture); - stainless steel chimneys simple and isolated bends, fittings stainless steel; - supports for wedding cake and champagne glass holders; - stainless steel parts for various fairs and exhibitions (on request); - stainless steel skirting and stainless steel cladding poles; - access hatches on steel structure; - various metal executions (small halls steel structures and sandwich panels closings or corrugated sheets); - bullbars for cars, appliances stainless steel muffler for motorcycles; - spare parts for machines for the food industry - ex. stainless steel rods filling; stainless steel caps; - stainless steel cages for veterinary practices. Industrial products, such as: - tanks / steel caissons units dedicated to the food industry. - tanks / steel caissons dedicated to chemical and pharmaceutical industry; - stainless steel enclosures for long time storage products. - pipes, bends, joints steel transport networks for liquids or gases; - stainless steel refrigeration rooms, etc. The company is looking for a partner interested in selling the Romanian products abroad and, also, is offering its services as a subcontractor for EU partners interested in this field of activity.

Innovations and advantages

- Quality of products and service, reasonable prices, well qualified personnel; - Over 19 years of experience in stainless steel, qualified and hundreds of satisfied customers. Design, construction and installation of handrails, stairs, stainless steel canopies; - The Romanian company is already engaged in trans-national cooperations; An important advantage of objects made of inox is that perennial - The products will keep the same look without losing shine or luster even after a long time use. Stainless steel products are in permanent fashion and their unmistakable luster gives a touch of elegance.

Market application codes

09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)

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Area of partner's activity

The partner sought should be a company that needs highly qualitative and various stainless steel products, or want to subcontract the Romanian company, for making these sort of products.


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