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Researchers from Romanian university looking for a commercial agency to promote and distribute a method of treating grapevines

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Researchers from an university in northeastern Romania developed a method based on natural bio-active agents, that stimulate biological plants and can be applied successfully in agriculture (horticulture). They seek a commercial agency to promote and distribute this method from abroad.

Offer description

An university research has proposed a new solution which relates to biologically active substances, able to carry a physiological nature therapeutic action with antiviral and immunomodulatory effects on living organisms. The action of biologically active substances can be stimulated or inhibited by trace elements it contains. Nature glycosides action on living organisms is determined by their chemical structure and in this situation steroidal glycosides have a protective effect on plants, not toxic to humans. The problem solved by the researchers, is to use natural bio-active agents to stimulate biological viticulture by using active substances, class steroidal glycosides of plant origin. Researchers at the university in northeastern Romania have used this method on grape vine crops in northern Romania and obtained very good results. Therefore, they seek to promote and distribute this method and abroad, especially in wine growing areas where this method that does not damage people would be appreciated. Sought partner must know very well these areas to know the methods applied and understand the advantage of this method and can explain to potential clients. The researchers, based on information received from partner, can determine precisely provided which method can be applied to grape vine crops to the extent that these crops need.

Innovations and advantages

Compared to other methods used in these areas usually, the new method has the following advantages: - non toxic - easily implementing - no side effects - highly effective in minor concentration - this new compound is much cheaper then other products known up to now

Technology keywords

07001004 Crop Production
07001005 Horticulture
07001007 Precision agriculture

Market application codes

04006 Cellular and Molecular Biology
05009004 Plant health
07003001 Wine and liquors

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In Romania

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Area of partner's activity

Sought partner must have knowledge in the fields of agriculture and horticulture. Must know wine growing areas, methods of treatment of crops vines and can explain the advantages of the proposed method. Depending on customer interest to find partner must keep contact with university researchers to establish with precision surface treatment that is done, the quantity and other necessary elements for this offer.


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