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Real-time high-resolution weather forecasting assistance offered under subcontracting

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A Spanish environmental engineering SME with a real-time high-resolution weather forecasting methodology is offering assistance through subcontracting, to implement new services oriented to high-quality standard meteorological information, which can be used as input for several impact models and decision-making.

Offer description

A Spanish company specialised in meteorology, climatology and climate change with extensive experience in the development, use and implementation of the latest air, climate and hydrological models offers precise real-time high-resolution weather prediction services for subcontracting, in order to implement new services oriented to high-quality standard meteorological information within the client, which can be used as input for several impact models and decision-making. The firm generates weather prediction data by using the latest high-resolution weather prediction models, ensemble strategies and post-processing techniques (statistical downscaling, multi-variant methods). The company offers to implement solutions in the field of weather forecasting expertise, namely: - Real-time high-resolution (MM5 and WRF models) of forecasts - Multi-physics, multi-analysis and PV (potential vorticity) anomalies based ensemble strategies - Robust statistical downscaling techniques and multi-variate methods - Hydrometeorogical modelling and flash-flood assessment - Water resources management (wind maps for power generation a very high-resolution) - Atmospheric contaminant dispersion - Thermal sensation for extreme temperatures assessment on human health - Weather and climate potential for several tourism activities (e.g. sun, sand and sea; nautical, golf, cycling or trekking) - Assessment of severe weather impacts (e.g. intense precipitations, strong winds, extreme temperatures or droughts) - Social, economic and environmental guidance to regional and local governments and main stakeholders. Real-time high-resolution numerical weather prediction models (NWPs) are used to successfully forecast weather in an operational mode. Non-hydrostatic mesoscale models are run with horizontal grid resolutions of few kilometres and are able to forecast daily realistic distributions of the meteorological fields. Real-time high-resolution NWPs have also a great potential in forecasting severe weather such as: intense precipitations resulting in flash-floods, strong winds, extreme temperatures, cold and heat waves or droughts. Therefore, these models aim at supplying a useful support for civil protection systems and enterprises. However, the forecasting process also comprises several sources of uncertainty, which lies in the meteorological model formulations and in their initial and boundary conditions. Model contributions to these uncertainties are mainly due to the imperfect representation of the atmospheric physical processes. Furthermore, quantitative forecasts in extreme events are a remarkably arduous task because many factors concur in its determination, especially for intense, convective and localised rainfall. An important methodology has been implemented in order to improve short-range quantitative forecasts: the use of an ensemble of model forecasts to further extend the space of possible outcomes. The aim of ensemble forecasting is to predict the probability of future weather events as completely as possible. Ensemble strategies intend to cope with uncertainties coming from the initial and boundary conditions, the limited vertical and horizontal resolutions, the nesting strategy or model formulations. These limitations can be important for mesoscale episodes with marked dynamic forcing and over complex regions.

Innovations and advantages

The innovation is the use of new knowledge and novel techniques for weather forecasting and severe weather assessment, namely real-time numerical weather forecasts at 2.5 km resolution by using MM5 and WRF models, and an optimal set of ensemble strategies.

Technology keywords

01004006 Environment Management Systems
05002 Meteorology / Climatology
10002007 Environmental Engineering / Technology
10002008 Measurement and Detection of Pollution
10002009 Natural Disasters

Market application codes

06003 Alternative Energy
06003003 Wind energy
06003005 Geothermal energy
08002001 Energy management
09008001 Electric companies

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Area of partner's activity

- Type: industry, companies, governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) - Role: long-term subcontracting - Specific area of activity of the partner: weather forecasting, environmental consulting services, environmental departments; energetic companies; tourist sector and outdoors activities; media; civil protection; insurance


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