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Qatari manufacturer of heat transfer solutions seeks distributors and importers

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Solid foundations of over 20 years of experience in manufacturing heat transfer solutions has resulted in the establishment of one of Qatar’s most modern manufacturing facilities for Air Handling Units (AHU) and Fan Coil Units (FCU). The company is a specialist in manufacturing and servicing of motor car radiators, and become an organization highly specialized in all types of heating exchanger manufacturing. The company is looking for distributors and importers.

Offer description

This Qatar company is a best rated engineering enterprise of the new millennium by continuing of investing in the very latest design, fabrication and test facilities along with the state-of-the-art modernized 7,000 m² factory. This will ensure that the highest possible standards of quality and reliability are maintained for the future growth of the company and in the interests of its business partners. The Air Handling Units covers all the most common functions in the modular sizes. Pre-configured range offers horizontal, vertical and twin-fan options with duty range of up to 72,000 CFM. The company is offering customized solutions giving customers the flexibility to combine modules to build tailor-made AHUs according to the customer requirement. The range can meet specific needs. While pre-configured and tailored solutions can also be combined to achieve the optimum result and making these AHU the most flexible range available. The AHU Selection Software is complete in functions and suitable for AHU Selection. This software is a powerful tool for consultants, sales and application engineers. The software is able to design custom built AHU with limited time and complies with the latest Eurovent regulation with Energy Ratings. This software is one of the most sophisticated design software for Air handling Units available on the market. It is the result of years of experience in designing and optimizing customized air handling units. The performances provided by this software are certified by Eurovent certification (Under process). It enables the selection of virtually all possible configurations, components or options to reach customer exact project constraints. Detailed data sheets, in duct and radiated sound levels, AutoCAD format drawings, product specifications, Psychometric charts, fan curves, SFPs and energy classes can be viewed and printed from this software. With a new and wide range of Fan Coil Units (FCUs), the company has diversified its current range of products to meet customer requirements in the HVAC sector. The FCUs are suitable for commercial and residential applications. The company is ready to serve 200CFM to 1400CFM low static fan coil series that is suitable to operate standard cooling and district cooling applications. The company is looking for distributors in order to expand its business abroad.

Innovations and advantages

Turnkey Solution: The company is able to design, build, install and maintain the right system for the right application to suit any requirement, any budget at any point in time. Environmentally Friendly: The quality products will save not only the environment but also on expenses as all their components and products are energy efficient. Manufacturer: They are a manufacturer and not a mere workshop or assembler, in addition all their products are quality certified and tested prior to any delivery and maintained by their teams beyond that. Total Solutions: Along with the various products and services by the company and their sister concerns, they are able to provide their customer with more value for their budget.

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08003007 Other industrial equipment and machinery

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for distributors of heat transfer solutions utilized in industrial sectors. The potential partner will be offered a distribution services agreement. The partner would ideally be an experienced company that can promote the Air Handling Units (AHU) and Fan Coil Units (FCU) in its country. The partner needs to be prepared to provide first tier customer support, maintenance service, training and technical support. The company expects a long term distributor sales agreement. The distributor should hold a minimum of stock and raise a minimum yearly sales.



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