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Processing of metals for the furniture industry offered by Italian company under subcontracting and manufacturing agreements

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An Italian company is specialized in the processing of semi-finished products and metal components for the furniture industries. The company is able to provide a lot of different processing and finishes and is interested to contact foreign manufacturers of chairs and tables for subcontracting, manufacturing agreements.

Offer description

The Italian company is located in the North East-Area, and is specialized in the processing of metal components (in particular of iron and steel). The company is looking for foreign contacts with furniture manufacturers. The company produce steel and iron component and semi-finished products for the manufacturing of furniture, in particular chairs and tables. The processing cover the whole range of the production chain and finish with the packing and the shipment of the goods. The metal components obtained by the cutting, the bending and the pressing are also assembled with the aid of robots. The company perform all the necessary processing for the developing of the product: cut, laser cut of metal tubes and metal sheets, milling, computer numerically controlled drilling, computer numerically controlled bending, moulding with mechanical presses, head works: tapering, metal-arc inert gas welding, tungsten inert gas welding or oxy fuel welding, assembly and upholstery. The company does not simply offer products but also a 360° assistance; in particular, the company offer to the clients : – Identification of the customers needs and targets – Survey and analysis of the most suitable metal materials – Creation of CAD 3D models with simulation softwares – Possibilty to build pilot moulds for the creation of the pre-production series – Creation and building of tooling and moulds – Final production of goods The company can assess the technical feasibility and the production costs considering the whole production process including the creation of specific customised tooling. The items produced in mass are all fixed and finalized upstream the receipt of the customer’s order; the same applies to the production system and its relevant logistic. The production process use: cut of tubes or profiles, computer numerically controlled bending, works with presses, computer numerically controlled drilling-milling-thread, drilling and thread with drills, drilling and bending with hydraulic units, hand and robotized metal-arc inert gas welding/hand and robotized metal-arc active gas welding, braze welding oaw. The company also offer surface treatment to finished products such as: hot bluing, chromium plating, copper plating, decorative brass plating, mechanical polishing, electrolytic nickel plating, anode oxidation, chemical satin finish, passivation, electrolytic zinc-coating, painting, pre-treatments, corrosion preventing and wear-free treatments. The company support over 40 employees; 2016 turnover was of 7 milion €. 70 % of the turnover already is made in foreign markets. The company is looking for producer of chairs and tables interested in finding new suppliers for the manufacturing of metal components. Partners can be from any country. Type of partnership: subcontracting(this consist in the production of metal components of other products; final products will be manufactured by the foreign counterparts) and manufacturing agreements (manufacturing of finished products, less common but may happen).

Innovations and advantages

The company has over 40 years of experience in the sector. All the tooling necessary to the industrialization of production processes are projected and built inside the company. The company put particular attention in the packing of the finished products; this may look as an apparently simple operation but it needs special care in order to preserve the product integrity. The focus and the priority of the company are reflected in the use of different types of tailor made packing for every kind of products manufactured; all the packages is the result of proper study, supplemented by an active cooperation with the customer and it’s made by experienced operators.

Market application codes

08005 Other Industrial Products (not elsewhere classified)

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Type of partner sought

The company is interested to contact foreign expert partners operating in the manufacturing industries. Minimum experience of the potential foreign partners: 3 years of activity. Minimum turnover: 500.000 €. The company can offer subcontracting or manufacturing agreements.



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