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Process industry software needs sales representation

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A Swedish SME has developed a software family, primarily for use in the paper/pulp process industry. The company is initially seeking a commercial agency agreement, possibly with an end-user, e. g. a consultant, who can work with and learn the software, in order to finally become a sales agent.

Offer description

A Swedish SME, established in 2004, has developed a family of computer software, applicable in the process industry. The SME has clients within the process industry, with the main focus on the pulp and paper area. All clients are big and demanding customers. Examples of use and deliveries of their services over the years are: - Complete engineering and design package for a large supplier - Dynamic simulations of production and buffer volumes based on actual production data - Trouble shooting package - COD/TOC/BOD (chemical oxygen demand/total organic carbon/biochemical oxygen demand) calculations on environmental load from process industries - Pump and energy savings - FAT/SAT (factory acceptance test/site acceptance aest) testing based on a simulated model for a control system At present, the software consists of two branches: 1) A library of blocks that in detail describes the infrastructure of pulp and papermill processes. All unit operations in a paper and/or pulp mill is available in the same system. It is a user friendly tool which allows the user to enter specific functions based on graphs/tables or mathematics, and contains a versatile toolbox for outputs to Excel, MS SQL Server and scenario handling. The software can easily interact with other expert systems for non-organic chemical equilibrium calculations. 2) A software for finding financial, marketing and production bottlenecks within the company. It identifies weaknesses and improvement potential, and all results from different simulation runs are easily comparable. The software manages: - Pre/post-production calculation - Power/energy benchmark - Machine investments - Geographic optimization - Several production units - Break, stop and startup issues The software packages are either used by the SME or by the customer; different customers, different solutions. Although today focussed on paper and pulp, the software platforms enable adaptations to other process industry as well. The SME is searching for companies willing to represent the company outside Sweden, through a commercial agency agreement. Both resellers and consultants are welcome. A possible setup would be to find a branch specific consultant, who at first would learn the products by using them in their daily trade, and thereafter become a sales agent. The SME is looking for a long-term relationship, at least 3-5 years, providing extensive education and help. In order to use the software, certification is needed.

Innovations and advantages

The block structure brings a great flexibility tothe software, and enables adaptations to a variety of other process industry besides pulp and paper, Using the same base software, simulations and evaluations of operations are possible within e g: - Steel/iron handling and tempering - Large scale pump and pipe systems in heating plants - Chemical operations and flows, up to 100 components The software allows the adaptation of the user's own input based on graphs, tables or mathematics. The blocks can either be designed in an easy to use or a sophisticated version, depending on request and desire. The ready customized program is able to take care of most all aspects and question formulations in one row. Variables like viscosity, temperature, different fiber characteristics and other substances can easily be adopted and handled. Automatic model building enables building of customized blocks with explicit desired features. The simulation software has the capability to describe each individual customer´s environmental quality parameters and machine settings. Each single customized block is able to handle the total flow of material and energy simultaneously. Predictability of the process is increased, which is important in terms of controlling preventive maintenance and reaching a higher degree of confidentiality.

Market application codes

02007011 Manufacturing/industrial software
02007017 Expert systems
08002003 Process control equipment and systems
09003001 Engineering services

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Area of partner's activity

Type of partner sought: Sales agent/reseller/consultant Specific area of activity: Process industry; initially paper/pulp, but in a longer perspective also other areas. Tasks to be performed: Represent the Swedish SME as a local sales agent or reseller for the software products, possibly after using the software for a period of time.


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