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Private label roasting, blending and packing services offered for artisan coffee houses and suppliers to the hotel, retail and catering sectors

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A UK SME with 35 years’ experience in providing coffee sourcing, blending, roasting and packing services to private label coffee brands serving the hotel, retail and catering sectors offers bespoke services to organisations seeking to establish and develop their own artisan coffee labels. Total flexibility in terms of coffee types, production volumes and packaging types is available. Manufacturing, outsourcing, services and subcontracting agreements are offered.

Offer description

Over the last 35 years a UK SME has established a successful and growing business providing private label processing and packing services for “artisan” coffee labels within the HoReCa (Hotel, Retail and Catering) sectors. The business has acquired considerable experience and expertise in coffee which it uses to support the production services it provides. Therefore the specific services offered include: • Sourcing of high quality coffee beans from across almost all coffee growing countries including “fair trade” and “organic” coffees. • Drum roasting, high yield roasting and convection roasting. • Roasting to the customers’ specific requirements in short or longer production runs allowing for full flexibility in serving each customer’s volume requirements (one case upwards). • Blending to produce bespoke tailor-made coffees as required by each customer. • Grinding should the customer require their product as ground coffee. • Packing in all forms of suitable packaging including single portion sachets suitable for promotional activity. • Advice and other support for customers to develop their particular brand to meet specific market opportunities. • Training for coffee tasting, recognition and in coffee roasting skills. Manufacturing, outsourcing, services and subcontracting agreements are offered to organisations operating in the HoReCa sectors wishing to establish and develop their own coffee brands.

Innovations and advantages

• Short production runs offered providing flexibility to accommodate a wide range of customers’ volume requirements, from one case upwards. • All forms of packaging formats catered for (portion sachets, bags, boxes etc.) to meet customers’ specific requirements. • Coffee beans or ground coffee can be supplied to meet customers’ specific requirements. • Coffee beans sourced from around the world in order to develop unique, bespoke blends to meet specific customer requirements. • Coffee sources include “Organic” and “Fair Trade” to meet customers’ specific requirements. • Considerable coffee industry experience and expertise available to provide customers support in developing the right blends to exploit their own market opportunities.

Current stage of development

This is an established business wishing to expand its business by attracting new partners in European markets.

Technology keywords

08001001 Drink Technology
08001003 Food Packaging / Handling

Market application codes

07003003 Soft drinks and bottling plants
07004008 Other consumer products
09003004 Distributors, imports and wholesalers
09003005 Consulting services
09004008 Other manufacturing (not elsewhere classified)

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Area of partner's activity

Organisations such as independent artisan coffee houses, wholesalers, small hotel and restaurant chains operating in the HoReCa sectors are sought who wish to work with an experienced and flexible coffee manufacturer to establish and develop their own coffee brands through manufacturing, outsourcing, services or subcontracting agreements.


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