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Portuguese trading company with distribution rights for a line of German made razor systems and blades, seeks distributors

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A Portuguese company engaged in international trading has distribution rights for a line of shaving products targeted for the mass volume market. These products, which have been manufactured in Germany for almost a century, offer superior quality, comparable to high end products from well-known international brands, but with a significant price advantage. The company wishes to establish distribution services agreements in European and other international markets.

Offer description

The company is located in Peniche, a coastal town in central Portugal, and one of the country’s most important fishing ports. Established in 1986, the company begun its commercial activity as a supplier of professional fishing gear, and later on extended its role to the international trading of goods. The International Trading Unit of the company works on the international distribution of a line of shaving and personal care products for men (razors systems, disposable razors, blades, shaving gel and foam, after-shave balm, deodorant). This latter line of products, marketed under the same brand, is the object of this business offer. The razors and blades are manufactured in Germany for almost a century (1920) and the brand is currently owned by a business conglomerate from the Middle East. The Portuguese company has exclusive distribution rights in a handful of countries (Spain, Portugal, Poland, Colombia, Angola and Togo), but it can act as a concurrent distributor in practically any other country or region. The shaving products include razor systems, disposable razors, and blades. Manufactured in Germany, the product line covers all market segments. Premium products are comparable to high end products in terms of quality and other features, but with a significant price discount: swivelling heads, trimmer for styling and edging, glide strip with Aloe Vera, ergonomic and anti-slip rubber grips. The blades are manufactured with a unique diamond coated technology. Diamond hardness ensures efficient shaving of facial hair, and its hardness keeps the blade from getting dull after a few shaves.

Innovations and advantages

This line of razor systems and blades is being manufactured in Germany since 1920. Its main advantages are: 1. Quality equivalent to high end products but at a very competitive price 2. A complete product line, featuring both razor systems and disposable razors, available with several alternatives of blade technology (1 or 2 blades in the most basic products to 5 blades in the premium products) 3. Unique technology in blade technology (blades manufactured with diamond coated premium steel), allows for precise and efficient shaving, and enlarged blade durability 4. Depending on the model, the razors display all the main features of comparable products: flexible swivelling head, trimmer for styling and edging, glide strip, anti-slip handle 5. A separate line of shavers for ladies

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07004002 Health and beauty aids

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for distributors in european or external markets, with proven experience in FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods), particularly toiletries. The prospective partner should be able to design and implement an effective marketing and sales strategy, well suited to the specific traits of his market, and to have the capability to access the retail channels where mass consumption takes place.


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