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Portuguese SME is seeking for commercial or distribution partnerships for rapid test kits able to identify foodborne pathogens

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A Portuguese SME that focus its activity in the biotechnology field, developed several innovative test kits for identification of foodborne pathogens to be applied on food safety diagnostics, being possible with this novel technology, guarantee fast accurate results. The company is currently looking for commercial agency agreements/distribution services agreements to market these products.

Offer description

The Portuguese SME initially focussed its activity in the research and development of ready-to-use kits for detection of pathogen microorganisms in contaminated food and clinical samples. Regarding the food safety market, the SME developed several kits for detection of foodborne pathogens, such as salmonella spp, escherichia coli O157:H7, listeria monocytogenes, cronobacter spp, campylobacter spp and vibrio spp. These kits are intended to be used by food safety laboratories. The simplicity of the method allows the rapid and accurate detection of the targeted pathogen transmitted through foodstuffs, which are responsible for serious diseases. It can successfully be applied in any matrix and gives a conclusive result in less than 3 hours. More recently, the SME raised additional funding to invest in the commercialization of these and other products based in the same technology, in order to make them available to the market. The company is currently undergoing the procedure to obtain the certification to commercialize these products in EU and is now seeking for trade intermediary partnerships, under commercial agency agreement or distribution services agreement, among agents or distributors of food safety diagnostics that could market the products in Europe.

Innovations and advantages

By the use of this novel technology, laboratories will be able to faster identify the targeted pathogen in food samples, with accurate results and using a very simply procedure that potentiates its easiness of adoption. It has no theoretical limitation in terms of application in different matrixes. There is no need of DNA amplification, no specialized labor is required and no need of investment in lab equipment, besides the epifluorescence microscope.

Current stage of development

The company is certifying its products with AOAC which will confer the excellence of the method in terms of reliability of the product.

Technology keywords

08002001 Detection and Analysis methods
08002002 Food Microbiology / Toxicology / Quality Control
08002003 Safe production methods

Market application codes

05001001 Diagnostic services
05008002 Food and feed ingredients
07003002 Health food

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Area of partner's activity

The SME is looking for commercial agents or distributors. The potential partner should have know-how on the specific market for food safety diagnostics (regulations and legislation, market size, stakeholders) and capability to promote these products. Commercial agency agreements to represent these products or distribution services agreements to sell them in Europe are considered.


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