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Portuguese SME active in telemetry and Machine to Machine solutions for the Oil&Gas market, improving efficiency, logistics and processes being an international reference in real time remote monitoring solutions looks for trade intermediary sevices

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Portuguese SME specialized in telemetry and Machine to Machine solutions for the Oil&Gas (O&G) market, improving efficiency, logistics and processes for O&G, dedicated to software and hardware, and provision of services looks for partners for distribution services agreement, services agreements, commercial agency agreements and subcontracting. This portuguese company is an international reference in real time remote monitoring solutions, with more than 100.000 telemetry units installed.

Offer description

Portuguese company that has competitive advantages over its competitors, since it offers a complete solution based on M2M communications (Machine to Machine) and IoT (Internet of Things), to optimize processes at different levels of gas supply chain and liquid fuels is looking for partners interested in distribution services agreements. The company is also open to services agreements, commercial agency agreements and subcontracting. The process optimization is done by collecting data in time through telemetry equipment (sensors, meters, radio communication modules and 2G and 3G communication modules) that provides data recording, automatic meter reading and sending alarms. These devices may be connected to different types of sensors, by cable or radio, via RTU (Radio Transmitter Unit). With RTU is possible to create a wireless mesh network and thereby transmitting data between RTUs. This network increases solution’s coverage area through the use of a single central unit equipped with mobile communications. The received data is saved and sent to the data management software developed by the Portuguese company, that provides a set of detailed data and indicators for a more efficient distribution, transport gas storage and liquid fuels. This software has a web page interface or platform can be integrated into enterprise resource planning (ERP) company. The main applications consist of liquefied propane gas (LPG) and oil tank remote monitoring, cathodic protection monitoring of buried deposits, automatic meter reading and gas stock management and liquid fuels, allowing companies to manage more efficiently its gas and LPG tanks parks. Currently, M2M concept evolved into a large context – the IoT – quite different from the previous one but with the characteristic of having access to a remote device in common. For devices that are associated with a single internet protocol (IP) address and can transfer data through a network without need of human interaction. The SME is following this evolution by developing solutions for smart homes market, incorporating the concept of IoT for B2B2C segment (Business to Business to Consumer) for Oil&Gas market. Focused on developing its product and to assume an innovative role to its traditional customers, distributors of LPG and utilities, the SME intends through its solution for smart homes, that the end consumer can monitor gas comsumption and heating oil, in real time, as well as, comfort parameters (temperature and relative humidity) and remotely control the electrical equipment through a web page or mobile applications. The solution for smart homes incorporates telemetry features of LPG tanks and electricity meters, with smart plugs, which allow monitoring and control each device individually. The concept will evolve for telemetry heating and diesel lubricants, as well as smoke detectors, gas leaks and thermostats and continuously develop the improvement of current user interfaces. This solution was developed based on information and communications technologies (ICT) and IoT, an experience that incorporates technologies associated with the concept that allow anyone to connect any equipment coupled to sensors creating a mesh network, aimed at transferring signals and data through two-way communications without requiring human intervention. Being the information stored in a hub, which is connected to the router’s home allows data to be sent via Internet to the company’s cloud, which will be processed, treated, stored and made available to the end user through the portal and associated applications.

Innovations and advantages

The SME has competitive advantages over their competitors by offering a complete solution based on Machine2Machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) communications, which allows to optimize processes at different levels of O&G distribution chain. An intensive and fierce competition on a technological market, the company responds to critical competitiveness areas innovation, customer support and sales, marketing & communications. The SME innovation area is an asset to the technological upgrading of products and solutions that company offers, to detect emerging technologies and unmet needs. Thus, innovation area contributes strongly to the SME positioning to meet the demands of market, so the SME win a competitive advantage over its competitors. The Customer Support area is available almost 24 hours a day and performs customer follow-up activities, manual data validation, diagnostic irregularities, reporting anomalies, doing use of telemetry reports and progress of work performed. This has been an area that as achieved excellent results in 2014 registered 63 customer complaints, 28 less than in 2013 and obtained a total of 65% of its customers satisfied and 16% very satisfied with the service provided. To keep these values and get an excellent service is required a continuous improvement of structure of area, such as improved communication for the installation of products. The solution is to create a specific portal that is the main communication channel to assist facilities with emphasis on providing specific content from multimedia content (photos and videos) to installation guides. Finally, the commercial area, marketing & communications area, have developed actions aimed at customer loyalty, attracting new customers and preparing actions plans, including the study of markets and segmentations. The developed work keep's customers informed from open and updated communication channels, through various media and documents, making these interactions a futu

Current stage of development

For more than 25 years, the SME has been inventing and designing products for the telemetry and remote monitoring solutions market, where the continuous innovation are the key to this SME’s success. It has become expert in the downstream Oil&Gas sector. It has also been delivering reliable and robust products perfected throughout a quarter of a century. The company’s solutions include hardware devices such as data loggers, radio transmitter units, backoffice software for monitoring, controlling and analyzing data, as well as front end software and mobile apps for clients. Furthermore, the company has wireless M2M devices aggregate electricity and other customer sensor data, effectively bringing the Internet of Things to the Oil&Gas market. The SME is listed on NYSE Alternext Lisbon, the Euronext stock Exchange for SMEs. Although the SME has offices in Portugal and in Brazil and is present over than 30 countries on five continents with more than 100.000 telemetry units, it works every day in ideas and on new products to ensure the tecnological update and its market position.

Technology keywords

01003025 Internet of Things
04007001 Energy management
09001009 Sensor Technology related to measurements
10002010 Remote sensing technology

Market application codes

06001004 Equipment and instrumentation
06008 Energy Storage
06009 Energy Distribution

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Type of partner sought

The company is in a stage that has partners and local stakeholders, including value-added resellers (VARs) - the key channel for company’s internationalization strategy – dedicated to commercialize their products, always looking for business cooperation on markets where it doesn’t have subsidiaries present in form of subcontracting, to perform the installation and first-line support services. Nowadays, the company’s demand for business expanding be through a partner network which allows the company to increase not only technologically but also commercially, through a business and service partner. The VAR’s channel provides knowledge to the company and the contact with international markets target more efficiently that a direct presence of the company in these markets. For VARs, the SME’s portfolio provides a possibility of expanding its own portfolio of services and thus have a greater “share of wallet” to its customers. It isn’t just an opportunity to increase revenue, but gain a greater customer loyalty. The company is open to commercial agency agreement, distribution services agreement, services agreement or subcontracting agreement with partners active in this sector, with relevant experience and excellent network of stakeholders in their geographic area of influence.


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