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Portuguese producer of sweet eggs, frozen and fresh pastry and ice-cream seeks distributors or agents

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A Portuguese company, operating in the food sector, producer of regional traditional sweets, pastry and ice-cream is looking for looking for distributors and agents to market and sell products. The company is particularly known for their Aveiro sweet eggs which are a local speciality and protected geographical indication product.

Offer description

Portuguese company founded in 1989, operating in the food sector is seeking for a partner to distribute or represent their products in foreign markets. Aveiro sweet eggs have been manufactured for centuries. The tradition of manufacturing the product, which originated in convents, was maintained by ladies who had a convent education and passed the secret of its manufacture from generation to generation. This sweet is special because of the basic raw materials with which they are produced — eggs and sugar — and from the local know-how, because the egg yolks are added to the sugar syrup in a way that resembles the rowing movement of the traditional boats, ‘moliceiros’, in the Aveiro lagoon. The specific way of preparing gives the sweet a texture, color and set of aromas which is very distinctive and unique to the region. The company also produces ice-cream. Their ice-cream is an innovative, genuine and rigorous brand, with a new concept of making ice-cream with traditional Portuguese flavours. The origin of the raw material is totally Portuguese, with granted high quality. The packages maintain the ice-cream cool for 3 hours after buying. The whole process of manufacture of the products is as traditional as possible, handmade. It’s a unique and traditional product applied with innovation.

Innovations and advantages

The products are handmade. The ice-cream is an innovative, genuine and rigorous brand, with a new concept of making ice-cream with traditional Portuguese flavours like sweet eggs, cottage cheese with pumpkin jam, chocolate with merengues. The origin of the raw material is totally portuguese, with granted high quality. The ice cream packages maintain the product cool for 3 hours after buying.

Current stage of development

Most of the products are available in many portuguese supermarkets, hypermarkets, cash & carry markets. They are also presente in some other countries. The portuguese makes private labels and offer the best of know-how and certified quality.

Market application codes

07006 Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)

Intellectual property rights

Exclusive rights

Comments, number and date of patent

Aveiro sweet eggs is a IGP product (Protected Geographical Indications)

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Area of partner's activity

The company is looking for partners, such as comercial agents or distributors who can bring the products into their respective markets. "Sweet eggs" is a product obtained by the addition of raw egg yolk to sugar syrup. They may be put up for sale as they are, wrapped in Communion-type wafer, which may or may not be coated with a fine layer of sugar syrup or chocolate, or packaged directly in wooden or china barrels. They may also be marketed deep-frozen. They are sweet, with the flavor of egg yolk and sugar softened by the cooking process and have a creamy consistency which does not run. The texture is uniform, with no yolk or sugar grains (although they are permissible several days after manufacture, inasmuch as they are the result of crystallization of the product). The wafer occasionally used in the presentation is of even color ranging from white to cream, opaque, matt and odorless or with a slight odor of flour and taste of wafer, its consistency soft and crumbly and its texture dry, smooth and uniform. Shelf-life conservation and packaging: - 21 days packaged in smart packaging - 60 days in wafers, coated with chocolate - 6 months deep-frozen product


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