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Portuguese producer of organic honey is looking for distributors in Europe and Asia

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Portuguese company of apiculture located in protected landscapes produce and sells several kinds of organic honey. All of them are produced in protected zones and are entirely biological. The company is looking for partners in Europe for distribution and marketing their products, willing to establish a distribution agreement.

Offer description

This Portuguese beekeepers company has a range of organic honey produced from flora of several protected zones biological quality (Açude da Agolada and Monte da Barca in Coruche, Arrábida, Alentejo sudwest and Palmela),which induces specific organoleptic characteristics. Is a family company with carrying technical training of beekeeping, apiculture, professional agribusiness technical operator, with the animal component and flora. The mission is the production of honey, wax, pollen, propolis, apitoxin, swarms and beekeeping material, such as hives, frames and organic waxes and with biologically materials recognized. The company started its production in the summer of 2015 and is in a phase of expansion, national and international levels, focusing its production for the analysis and quality evaluation. All products are organic (in certification process) and regularly subject to analyses. The honey can be used both in food and in the cosmetic industries (sold in cans and jars 30lt 65cc and 106cc to the final consumer) with the ecological image and with the top prepared to facilitate the use of jars of honey. The company produces the following honey and bee products: • Polifloral rosemary honey • Polifloral eucalyptus honey • Honey with fruit (polifloral honey with strawberries; polifloral honey with pineapple; polifloral honey with orange; polifloral honey with lemon) • Honey with aromatic (polifloral honey with rosemary; polifloral honey with cinnamon; polifloral honey with vanilla; polifloral honey with star anise; polifloral honey with cayenne pepper; polifloral honey with cayenne pepper milled) • Honey with dry fruits (polifloral honey with pine nuts; polifloral honey with toasted almond; polifloral honey with walnut) • Polen • Propolis • Bees • Queen bees • Wax • Beekeeping material as: hives (all kinds), bed frames of hives, feeders, door frames, chisel, bee facts from the S to the XL and jars of honey The company products can be sold in packs of 4 jars, with 4 kinds of honey by region and all the beekeeping material, previously described. Due to the increasing production of this company and after the positive experience in Portuguese domestic market very demanding in terms of quality (direct sales and distribution agreements) the company is now willing to experiment new markets. According its strategy, company decided to experiment a internationalization process by by establishing a distribution agreement with a partner experienced in this kind of food product.

Innovations and advantages

The company has started a new phase of this innovative and product process for this protected floras of Portugal. The products are biological, free from additives and sugar cane, totally produced by bees keeping the natural characteristics. HACCP standards, to ensure that the products offered, being continuously evaluated through analyses and tasting held in individual events. Technology support and health control, in the packaging and homogenization.

Market application codes

07003002 Health food
09005 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, Animal Husbandry & Related Products

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Type of partner sought

Looking for a distributor partner on agro-food industries, cosmetics and pharmaceutical, as well as retail companies of organic products and hypermarkets in Europe.


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