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Portuguese producer and wholesale distributor of fresh and frozen fish products is looking for distributors and commercial agents for a specialty product based on an in house recipe

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A Portuguese company, located within Lisbon’s metropolitan area, is specialized in processing and wholesale distribution of frozen fish and other fish-based products. The product line includes a ready-to-cook product with distinctive characteristics - stuffed squid, for which the company would like to establish distribution services or commercial agency agreements in selected European markets - France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Offer description

These Portuguese company, though established only 8 years ago, is managed by their founders and key persons who have a long experience in fish processing and distribution. The product line consists mainly of frozen fish with different cuts and packaging solutions, according to the sales channels most used: food retail chains, foodservice industries and local distributors. Along this line of frozen fish, the company has been developing and introducing in the market other fish based products with more value added, namely ready-to-cook products targeted both to the individual consumer and food services organizations. Frozen stuffed squid is based on an in house recipe, composed from a variety of ingredients adapted to Portuguese traditional taste, but international consumers appreciative of tasteful and quality fish preparations will find the product attractive, given features such as easy and quick preparation and distinctive flavour. Two different types of packaging are available, depending on the sales channel. For final consumers the product is sold in heat-sealed trays, including suggestions for cooking and presentation. Professional buyers, such as restaurants and caterers, usually buy the product packaged in plastic bags with variable capacities of 6/10/12 kilograms. Other packaging solutions are possible, if needed, to comply with preferences and habits most adopted in other markets. Due the acquisition of a new production line, the company has sufficient capacity to increase production significantly and therefore defined a internationalization strategy that include European markets (France, United Kingdom, Spain, Luxembourg and Switzerland). In this sense , the company is looking for new partnerships in these strategic countries, for distributors and commercial agents with specialized knowledge and experience in the market for fish products, both at the food retail channel and the food services industry (restaurants).

Innovations and advantages

Team with more than thirty years of experience and knowledge in fish quality selection and fish processing. Possibility of selection the package solution / customization for different markets.

Market application codes

07002005 Other retailing
07003002 Health food
07006 Other Consumer Related (not elsewhere classified)

Intellectual property rights

Trade Marks

Comments, number and date of patent

The company owns one trademark protected only in Portugal. The company can extend the trademark to other European countries

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for distributors and commercial agents with specialized knowledge and experience in the market for fish products, both at the food retail channel and the food services industry (restaurants). The product is aimed mainly for niche markets, where quality, novelty, unique flavor and attractive presentation of seafood products are the main success factors. However, retail and food services organizations positioned for the general market may be interested too, as this product has the potential to add a distinctive offering.


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