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Portuguese manufacturer of fashion accessories in cork is looking for trade intermediaries

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Portuguese company is active in the production of fashion accessories in cork, such as hats, shoes, handbags, necklaces, bracelets, lamps, among others. The company is looking to increase its international activity through distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement. Distributors, agents, retailers and dealers are sought to sell and distribute the company's products.

Offer description

Portuguese company is an active player in the field of research, production and merchandising for museums and companies. The Portuguese company was founded in 1998, the year of Portuguese presidency of the European Union, which turned out to be an excellent opportunity to enhance the role of cork as a premium material for distinctive gift items identified with Portugal. The range of products is diversified but the passion for cork has transformed into a special collection. With creative imagination and partnerships with small and specialized industries the company has been launching products from corporate to fashion, including briefcases, pen-drives, organizers, belts, hats, handbags and even umbrellas. The list of products offered are: - Bags - Small Bags Pochettes - Costume Jewellery Necklaces - Costume Jewellery Bracelets - Costume Jewellery Rings - Costume Jewellery Earrings - Fashion Accessories (i.e. ties, paillons) - Key Holder - Hats and Umbrellas - Belts - Cork Fashion Items (i.e. wallets, purses, bags, cases) - Fennel - Travel Items - Stationery - Technology (i.e. cell phone cases and others) - Office - Interior Decoration (i.e. lamps, ashtrays, puffs) - Natural Cork - Wine and Gastronomy - Customized products The company is already active in the United Stated, Canada, Brazil, Luxembourg, Scandinavia, France and Spain and has also an agreement with cruise lines. The company is now willing to increase its international activity through distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement. The partners sought should have a network of contacts with museums, palaces, castles, convents, embassies, hotels, banks and other type of organizations such as corporate companies.

Innovations and advantages

The oak bark can take many forms after processing, from the soft sheen of cork-paper to the more robust belt materials or again the pliable and soft finish used for handbags, hats, etc. The company uses the original rugged bark of the oak tree. The company can also tone the cork with natural honeyed tone which can be nuanced and take the most advantages of the satiny effect of the finishing. The company uses its versatility in applications from the ancient use for sandals to modern use and attractive attaché cases, light and airy hats, purses and handbags in an imaginative design, and even lightweight umbrellas but robust and effective. Instead of destroy the oak tree in the process of production the company uses the raw material as natural.

Current stage of development

The product is in the market for more than 25 years.

Market application codes

07001007 Other leisure and recreational products and services
07002002 Clothing and shoe stores
07004001 Clothing, shoes and accessories (including jewellery)
07004008 Other consumer products
09004005 Books, cards and other publishing

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Area of partner's activity

The Portuguese company is looking for agents or distributors who are willing to promote and defend the brand and products in their market/region. The distributors and agents should has good network contacts with museums, palaces, castles, convents, embassies, hotels, banks and other type of organizations. The company is looking for distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement.


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