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Portuguese manufacturer of extra virgin olive oil is looking for trade intermediaries

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Portuguese company located near Leiria manufactures extra virgin olive oil simply by crushing olives and extracting the juice. It is a high quality and high standards product, non-filtered and the extraction method is a cold one. The Portuguese company would like to expand its current activity to other countries. The company is looking for distributors or agents.

Offer description

A Portuguese small family business owns several olive groves in a farm of about 10 ha where they olive oil mill is installed. The farm is situated in a village situated in a region with tradition of olive oil, where the production comes from many years ago when Cistercians Monks came to this area and made a big agriculture development. The company produces olive oil mainly from olives from this region, particularly galega and cobrançosa varieties, combining the traditional methods with the important modern modifications resulting in a fruity, sweet, balanced and with low acidity olive oil. The olive mill started on 1912. In 2007, the farmers decided to continue with the family tradition by forming a company, and proceeding with a total refurbish of the old olive mill, therefore increasing its production and its technology. The olive mill works by centrifuge force in a 2 phase continuous line, one of the best equipped of the region, meeting all the legal procedures and the best techniques of virgin olive oil production. It has been design to extract small quantities of olives, thus, allowing the small farmers of the region to consume olive oil of their own olives, an old tradition in the region. The company produces three types of olive oil: - Extra virgin olive oil: top quality olive oil with intense flavor and smell of healthy olives. This olive oil does not show any organoleptic defect. The acidity is equal or less than 0.8% and fits for direct consumption and is ideal for seasoning the raw food. Extra virgin olive oil is ideal for flavoring foods, and salads with milder taste, as well as confectionery. - Virgin olive oil: oil of good quality with taste and smell of healthy olives. The acidity is equal or less than 2% and is suitable for direct consumption and suitable for roasts, soups, stews and marinades. - Refined olive oil (contains refined olive oil and virgin olive oil): it is a refined olive oil enriched with virgin olive oil, aromatic and fruity, with acidity not exceeding 1.0%. It is ideal for frying because of their high resistance to high temperatures. Maintains the nutritional value of olive oil and has a very high smoke point which can increase the number of uses. Furthermore, it forms a crust on the surface of foods, which prevents the penetration of oil inside them. The products are manufactured with high quality ingredients and have a long time shelf. The Portuguese company is looking for other companies which could act as distributors or agents for its olive oil.

Innovations and advantages

The company values quality over other factors such as quantity in the oil extraction practices. The company invests in great technical detail in all production phases: from the olive grove with the selection of varieties of olive trees and soil types, with the monitoring and treatment (watering, pruning and fertilizing) of the olive grove, with the ripened at the time of picking the olives and even the transportation to the mill. The olive oil mill only use stainless steel materials and the olive oil is storage in stainless steel deposits protected from sunlight and temperature control at +/- 18º. The cleanliness, defoliation and washing of the olives are deeply monitored. The packaging is done in glass or plastic containers for food use in the best hygienic conditions and using resalable openings. The bottles or jugs are kept in dark and in a cool place. The process is ecological and takes place in an environmentally friendly area. The farmers offer the possibility to those who are interested in its products to visit the olive oil mill and see how the olive oil is produced.

Current stage of development

The product is in the market for more than 10 years.

Market application codes

07003002 Health food
07005001 Fast food restaurants
07005002 Other restaurants
07005003 Hotels and resorts

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Area of partner's activity

The Portuguese company is looking for other companies which could act as distributors or agents for its olive oil. The partners can also be freelance sellers with an important network of potential customers. The distributors/agents should help the company to promote and defend the brand in their market/region and should be fully aware of the high quality of the product as well as know the extraction and production practices.


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