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Portuguese manufacturer of decorative ceramics is looking for distributors in Singapore, China (Hong Kong) and South Korea

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Portuguese manufacturer located in the country’s central region, with more than 20 years of experience in decorative ceramics, is looking for distribution agreements in Asian markets. The company operates within a B2B framework. The product range includes items such as decorative plates, vases, pots and storage boxes. The production of exclusive design projects for private labels is also possible. Company is looking for distribution services in Singapore, China (Hong Kong) and South Korea.

Offer description

The company is a manufacturer of decorative ceramics, specialized in home decorative accessories, located in the western side of the country’s central region. The company operates mainly within a B2B framework. Examples of the most typical items within its product range are vases, center pieces, jars, storage boxes, decorative plates. Currently annual production capacity overpasses half a million pieces. The company has its own brand under which sells a wide and custom made collection of home accessories based in contemporary designs, and is also engaged in the production of exclusive design projects for private labels. These products have contemporary design and are made in different colors and textures, in some cases incorporating other materials. Two main dimensions should be taken into account when describing technical specifications of the products offered: clay characteristics and the incorporation of manual work in the production process. The company main focus is in the production of earthenware, a plastic clay that presents high porosity. Despite being minimized by the application of a glaze, porosity makes earthenware products best suited both for decorative and functional use, such as vases, centre pieces, jars, storage boxes, decorative plates and more. The production process is carried out at an industrial level, but as it happens in the decorative ceramics industry, the production and finishing of any ceramic piece incorporates also manual work, as a great amount of time and effort is made by hand. This handmade nature makes each ceramics item an exclusive and unique piece. The company has been operating in international markets for several years, mainly in northern Europe and North America. Its clients include some of the most renowned international brands of home décor and home fashion. It’s a qualified partner for those buyers who seek quality and differentiated ceramics for the home. The company is searching for a distribution agreement in three specific markets: Singapore, China (Hong Kong) and South Korea.

Innovations and advantages

The main advantages the company is able to offer are:  Mastering of almost all ceramics techniques, acquired for over 20 years in the industry  Extensive experience in international markets, mainly Europe, USA and Middle East  The ability to understand and meet the demands and requirements of international buyers, as the company has been partnering up successfully for many years with some of the most renowned international brands of home décor and home fashion  A skilled combination of industrial processes with manual work, which allows to transform each ceramics item into an exclusive and unique piece.

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07004005 Furnishing and Furniture

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Type of partner sought

The company is looking for an international distributor of decorative ceramic products or home accessories with experience in Asian markets. The partnership can be established with the custom made products or with exclusive design products for private label. In both cases, the company is looking for a long-term cooperation.


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